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This post gives information on measures to carry out before updating your BIOS on devices through BitLocker encryption allowed. Also, what to execute if a latest BIOS upday has actually resulted in a BitLocker error Summary:This article gives indevelopment on actions to carry out before updating your BIOS on units with BitLocker encryption allowed. Also, what to carry out if a latest BIOS upday has actually brought about a BitLocker errorSee less This post gives information on procedures to lug out prior to updating your BIOS on systems through BitLocker encryption allowed. Also, what to carry out if a latest BIOS update has resulted in aSee even more
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Message Summary: This post advises on precautions as soon as updating the BIOS on devices via BitLocker enabled and likewise what to do if after a current BIOS upday BitLocker experiences an concern.

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Table of Contents :

1. Updating BIOS through Bitlocker

When updating the BIOS on a device via BitLocker please be aware of the listed below.

Caution: If BitLocker is not suspfinished, the following time you reboot the mechanism it will certainly not acknowledge the BitLocker essential. You will certainly then be triggered to enter the recovery vital to progression and the device will ask for this on each reboot.

If the recoincredibly essential is unwell-known this can bring about data loss or unnecessary operating device re-install.

2. Solution

Note: If the BitLocker symbol is not seen this might be dvery own to constraints put in place by device administrators. If this is the instance contact your system administrator for assistance.

Method One:The simplest solution is to suspend BitLocker prior to updating the BIOS.


Go toControl Panel>System and also Security>BitLocker Drive Encryption


SelectSuspend Protection(you might be triggered to selectyesto confirm this)

After BIOS updated you can thenResume Protection


Method Two:Edit team plan for Bitlocker

ClickStart. In the Search box, typegpmodify.mscand also pressEnter.

Note: The system user must have actually administrator right to edit team policy.

Local Computer Policy should be shown, and also choices for Computer Configuration and also User Configuration.

UnderComputer configuration, clickAdministrative Templates.

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OpenWindows Components. click onBitlocker Drive Encryption folder.

In the best pane, clickConfigure TPM Platform Validation Profile.

Double–click theRequire extra authentication at startup plan.Set the plan forDisabled.

ClickApply, thenOK. Restart the device.

Once BIOS is updated, repeat these actions and also Re-enable Bitlocker.

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Method Three:Edit group plan for Bitlocker

Click Start. In the Search box, form services and push Enter

Scoll down and also double click on Bitlocker Disk Drive Encryption Service

Under General Tap on the popup window, beside Startup type click on the drop down box (manual) the choose Disable

Under Services Status, click on Stop


3. BIOS revisions bring about an worry through BitLocker

The BIOS revisions detailed below have actually been discovered to cause an error through BitLocker wright here it will certainly not enable/resume as soon as TPM is in TPM 2.0 mode. If you have freshly updated your system BIOS to the version below please upday again to the brand-new variation accessible Support Site to resolve the concern.

Note: It is recommfinished that you downfill and install the latest BIOS version from the Drivers & Downtons webwebsite.


Affected BIOS Version

Latitude 7275


Latitude 5175/5179


Latitude 7370


Latitude E7270/E7470


Latitude E5270/E5470/E5570


Precision 3510


Precision 7510/7710


Caution: It is recommended that customers execute not install a demoted BIOS, for any reason, even if they have actually a regional copy. Always encertain that if a BIOS update is being lugged out that the latest version is provided.
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