Bitlocker access denied

If you have actually a BitLocker encrypted USB stick associated to a computer that you are accessing over the Remote Deskoptimal (RDP), you will watch the "Access Denied" message as soon as you attempt to unlock the drive. These are defense defaults in Windows 10 which limit accessibility to encrypted drives. Here is how to connumber the OS to open such encrypted removable drives.

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BitLocker was initially introduced in Windows Vista and also still exists in Windows 10. It was imposed specifically for Windows and also has actually no official support in alternative operating devices. BitLocker can utilize your PC"s Trusted Platcreate Module (TPM) to save its encryption vital tricks. In contemporary versions of Windows such as Windows 8.1 and also Windows 10, BitLocker supports hardware-sped up encryption if certain requirements are met (the drive has to support it, Secure Boot have to be on and many various other requirements). Without hardware encryption, BitLocker switches to software-based encryption so tbelow is a dip in your drive"s performance. BitLocker in Windows 10 supports a variety of encryption approaches, and supports transforming a cipher strength.


Note: In Windows 10, BitLocker Drive Encryption is only accessible in the Pro, Enterpclimb, and Education editions. BitLocker have the right to encrypt the device drive (the drive Windows is mounted on), and internal hard drives. The BitLocker To Go attribute allows protecting records stored on a removable drives, such as a USB flash drive.

To permit accessibility to a BitLocker-protected removable drive in a Remote Desktop Session, Windows 10 provides you at least two approaches, a Group Policy choice, and a Group Policy Registry tweak. The initially technique can be used in editions of Windows 10 that come via the Local Group Policy Editor app. If you are running Windows 10 Pro, Enterpincrease, or Education edition, then the Local Group Policy Editor application is available in the OS out of package. Additionally, you deserve to use a Regisattempt tweak. Let"s testimonial these methods.

To Fix Access Denied When Opening BitLocker Encrypted Drive Over RDP

Navigate to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Removable Storage Access on the left.On the best, discover the plan establishing All Removable Storage: Allow straight accessibility in remote sessions.

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Double-click it and also set the policy to Enabled.

You are done.

Here"s just how to perform the exact same with a Regisattempt tweak.

Allow Opening BitLocker Encrypted Removable Drive over RDP in Registry

Set its value to 1.

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That"s it.

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