Best os for acer aspire one

Don"t let your Atom-powered lappeak gather dust. Install a lightweight Linux distro and also reap mobile computer when again!

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Intel"s Atom processor is a line of low-voltage microprocessors that initially showed up in 2008. They power many type of ultra-portable tools, favor netpublications, net-tops, and also taballows. But the power efficient Atom conveniently confirmed its boundaries in maintaining up with existing software application.

That doesn"t expect you must let your Atom-powered gadget collect dust in a closet! You deserve to bring it ago to life with a Linux circulation. Linux operating devices mostly use fewer mechanism sources than their Windows counterparts, and tright here are no shortage of options.

Here are the best lightweight Linux distros for netbooks with Intel Atom processors.

1. Puppy Linux

Puppy Linux Desktop Image Credit: Mick Amadio/Wikimedia Commons
Puppy Linux boasts a tiny memory footprint (or pawprint). It"s around 300MB and deserve to live on flash drives and also DVDs. You have the right to even run the entire operating mechanism from RAM. Doing so lends a speedy experience on any gadget, overcoming slow-moving tough drive read-compose rate. This renders Puppy Linux one of the ideal Linux distributions for old Computers and also netpublications.

Puppy Linux versions are based on Ubuntu irreversible support releases, so you can store this desktop installed for a long time.

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Lubuntu Linux distribution
Lubuntu pitches itself as both lightweight and rapid. Newer versions use the LXQt desktop environment, though the most recent irreversible support version still offers LXDE. Lubuntu gives a great netbook Linux desktop for human being who don"t desire to tinker via their computer all that a lot.

System needs are undemanding. The Lubuntu website recommends 1GB of RAM for intensive internet apps choose YouTube, Facebook, and Google Docs.

Linux Mint MATE edition Image Credit: Linux Mint
When it pertains to Linux distributions, Mint is one of the more well-known choices. The Ubuntu and also Debian-based circulation has a modern-day, simple elegance. It"s pretty user-friendly, too. Apps and also multimedia codecs are straightforward to uncover.

Tright here are several variants of Linux Mint obtainable, with MATE and Xfce basically tied as excellent examples of Linux for Intel Atom processors. Both are well suited to netpublications and also a lot of under-powered computers in basic. Of all the distributions on this list, Mint offers arguably the the majority of functional and also finish experience.

While we"ve schosen Linux Mint for its specific appeal to newcomers, basically any distro running MATE or Xfce will certainly run also. If you like Ubuntu, Fedora, or openSUSE, provide them a go instead. Compared to the various other choices on this list, MATE or Xfce may run much better on netbooks via more RAM.

For even more info, view our comparison of Mint and also Ubuntu.

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BunsenLabs Linux distribution Image Credit: BunsenLabs
As lightweight Linux distributions go, BunsenLabs is just one of the a lot of lean offerings. It"s a extension of CrunchBang,which avoided the conventional desktop setting in favor of a retooled version of the Openbox window manager.

While this Debian-based distro is forgiving to Atom processors, its spartan design might not be for everyone. You will not find the eye candy you check out in Lubuntu or Linux Mint.

BunsenLabs isn"t the just distro to bring CrunchBang"s torch, but it does show up to be the a lot of active. Anvarious other option is CrunchBang++. If you"re feeling adventurous, you deserve to run a rolling release version based upon Arch Linux, called ArchBang.