Once Upon A Time might have actually ended earlier in 2018, yet it’s thankfully been on Netflix to rewatch at will given that then. Sadly, the ABC series will certainly be leaving the streaming organization on September 5, interpretation you only have a limited amount of time to relive some of the best moments of the series via these episodes.

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Regardless of its even more questionable storylines and also its unnecessary final seakid, OUAT remains a firm fan favorite largely because for every destructive arc or attempt at character assassination, a heartwarming, clever before, or otherwise memorable minute was tright here to erase that negative taste from our cumulative memory. The Neverland arc permits viewers to forgain the unavoidable Frozen crossover; Regina’s full-circle redemption practically provides it feasible to foracquire the near-total devastation of the when badass savior that was Emma Swan, who turned right into a simpering accessory to the manipulative Killian/Captain Hook. Like all points in life, you need to take the great via the negative.

To love Once Upon A Time was to accept it in all its imperfections and also to host tight to all the wonderful things it wrought and also the messperiods it sent (well, at leastern some of them). For many, the show will certainly ultimately leave a legacy of the prominence of family members, be it blood-related or those we choose to give that title to, and the power of love in all its forms: not just romantic but familial, paternal, and also the love in between friends. On this present, it’s strong sufficient to lug the dead ago to life and also to even move the moon in the night skies. If that’s not a solid enough ethos, I don’t recognize what is.

With that in mind, why not revisit some of the best episodes of the series? These episodes demonstrate some of the moments that carried so many type of to Once and kept them tright here also when the going obtained hard (and sometimes it was really, really tough) and also they’re well-worth a (re)watch.


You can’t appreciate a present without cringing through its pilot episode, right? Once Upon A Time‘s initially episode was in locations sloppy and the manuscript needed tightening in spots, however it also painted a vivid image of the fairytales we all know and love in such a different light and made viewers excited to view wright here they were going through it. If you desire to understand the basic framework of the show, you need to begin below.

Watch Once Upon A Time Season 1 Episode 1 ("Pilot") on Netflix


One point OUAT has always done very well is seachild finales, and also “A Land also Without Magic” is no exception. After Henry eats the poisoned apple turnover supposed for Emma and drops right into a coma, Regina and Emma are required to put their distinctions aside to occupational together in the direction of a common goal: conserving Henry’s life. This episode does a good job of really cementing the earlier-lhelp groundwork of what this display is truly about: family members.

Watch Once Upon A Time Season 1 Episode 22 ("A Land also Without Magic") on Netflix


This is such a good episode for Regina fans, as it provides us a glimpse right into her much more innocent previous and the experiences which ultimately resulted in her ending up being the Evil Queen, a lot of which was Rumple’s doing. “We Are Both” nods to the duality that exists in every one of us of excellent and negative depending upon the case. It additionally references the difficulties of being in between two various people, in this situation literally, as Emma and also Snow are stuck in the Enchanted Foremainder and also Emma begins to realize that being a princess isn’t as glamorous as she might have imagined.

Watch Once Upon A Time Seaboy 2 Episode 2 ("We Are Both") on Netflix


Another season finale that just had actually to be included to the list. Not only does this episode mark the beginning of the ridiculously entertaining Neverland also arc, but it also serves as the one in which we see that for as powerful as Emma and also Regina are individually, it’s together that they really shine. This one is a whole lot of fun and also starts off one of the many adventurous arcs of the series and also it really shouldn’t be missed.

Watch Once Upon A Time Seakid 2 Episode 22 ("And Straight On "Til Morning") on Netflix


Once Upon a Time chose to obtain clever before through this episode, playing roughly via alternative timelines (again) in a crazy sufficient method that it set up the fall finale. At this allude, Regina is well and truly on her method to redemption and so renders a sacrifice in order to conserve Henry and everyone else from Pan/Rumple’s dad (simply go with it) by casting a different curse that alters things so that Emma never before offered Henry up for adoption and also they lived happily ever before after… well, sort of. Warning: this one is a bit of a tear-jerker as Emma and also Henry say goodbye to Storybrooke at the tvery own line, soon to head off with a lifetime of excellent memories, just no memories of anything that ever before taken place or the world that lived there.

Watch Once Upon A Time Seaboy 3 Episode 11 ("Going Home") on Netflix

Season 3 is arguably OUAT‘s finest, and this list can conveniently include many type of even more episodes from it. However, “Bleeding Through” stands out as it gives us an excellent showdown in between Regina and also Zelena (Rebecca Mader), whose interpretation of sisterhood is nothing less than hilarious (and maybe deadly, at leastern at this point). Zelena is such a fun character and really lends some levity to what have the right to occasionally be a really major affair, so she’s a welcome enhancement for certain. We likewise get some excellent backstory on Cora (Rose McGowan), which is constantly welcome.

Watch Once Upon A Time Seaboy 3 Episode 18 ("Bleeding Through") on Netflix

This is among the many undeliberately (?) hilarious episodes of OUAT‘s whole run, which is why it’s a must-have on this list. Part of the otherwise tragic Frozen arc, “Shattered Sight” sees a curse (yes, one more one) actors by Ingrid (Elizabeth Mitchell) make everyone hate each various other with the fire of a thousand also suns. This indicates Scurrently and also David start fighting while locked in various cells of the regional jail and even Regina gets in on the action. At least they all find it hilarious also as soon as the curse is inevitably broken!

Watch Once Upon A Time Seachild 4 Episode 11 ("Shattered Sight") on Netflix

Say hello to among the last truly great episodes of OUAT, and among the best all at once. “Operation Mongoose” was actually a two-parter and both episodes were equally great. We’re off to one more cosmos aget in which everyone’s functions are reversed. The Evil Queen is even more favor Scurrently White, Scurrently is totally deranged, and also Emma is… locked up in a tower, at leastern at initially. She and Henry are the only ones that really know what’s going on, which is what makes the ensuing action so a lot much better. This is exceptionally Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves in all the best means.

Watch Once Upon A Time Seachild 4 Episode 22 ("Operation Mongoose Part 1") on Netflix

Watch Once Upon A Time Seakid 4 Episode 23 ("Operation Mongoose Part 2") on Netflix

This is not a great episode, reality be told, however it’s on below because the showrunners finally threw LGBTQ+ fans a bone by throwing together Red Riding Hood and also Dorothy (???) in the a lot of random pairing ever hoping that they would certainly sheight asking for Swan Queen to be cannon. That did not take place and also this was not excellent, however it was at leastern refreshing to review all the squirmy comments online after it aired, and also for that, it deserves to be remembered.

Watch Once Upon A Time Season 5 Episode 18 ("Ruby Slippers") on Netflix

If you wanted to revolve off Once Upon a Time after this episode and also never before watch aobtain, I wouldn’t blame you. After the Babsence Fairy’s curse (sigh) transforms Storybrooke yet aobtain, it’s approximately the Savior to, well, be the savior. It’s rather sad given that this marks the end of Jennifer Morriboy on the show, though offered just how a lot they damaged her character over the previous two seasons, one couldn’t blame her for finally bowing out. However before, she really did go out through a bang.

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