One thing to save in mind is that Las Vegas is a desert! Unfavor a lot of locations, Las Vegas has incredibly particular temperatures in relation to the seasons. Summers in Las Vegas tend to be exceptionally hot, and Winters tfinish to be fairly cold. It is important to setup appropriately based on the type of weather you and your guests are accustomed to.

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Spring (March – Mid May): Great weather, can be rainy at times. Everything is blooming and also beautiful.Summer (Late May-August): Very hot but great for couples that reap the pool, numerous festivals, and events.Fall (September – November): Best weather, acquiring cooler from the warm summer. Crisp air and also beautiful sunsets.

Locals Tip: Winter in Las Vegas has a tendency to have the rainiest days, yet, Monquickly seachild (late June- September) hregarding a lot of major thunderstorms and also at risk to flash flooding.

Tbelow is somepoint for everyone, and via outdoor and also indoor venues, you can’t go wrong via a Las Vegas wedding.

Monthly Las Vegas Climate Information

January58° F (14° C)34° F (1° C)0.5
February63° F (17° C)39° F (4° C)0.45
March69° F (21° C)44° F (7° C)0.4
April78° F (26° C)51° F (11° C)0.2
May88° F (31° C)60° F (16° C)0.2
June100° F (38° C)69° F (21° C)0.2
July106° F (41° C)74° F (23° C)0.45
August103° F (39° C)74° F (23° C)0.55
September95° F (35° C)66° F (19° C)0.3
October82° F (28° C)54° F (12° C)0.25
November67° F (19° C)43° F (6° C)0.45
December58° F (14° C)34° F (1° C)0.3

Conventions, Festivals, and Events in Las Vegas 2018

Las Vegas is known for its wide selection of entertainment, shows, and also events all year round. From your favorite artists’ concerts to high profile boxing matches, tbelow is constantly somepoint going on in Las Vegas. Consider pairing your wedding with some of your favorite events or make sure to look out for those that you may discover undesirable.

Travel Tip: Make certain to check upcoming events as this have the right to impact hotel and also airfare accommodations and also deserve to fluctuate everyday.


Upcoming occasions in Las Vegas for 2018:

For a complete list of conventions, click here.

Savings Tip: Travel accommodations and also wedding packages tend to be many affordable during the week. Look into having actually a weekday wedding and save some money!


Popular Wedding Dates for 2018

Once you have found what time of year functions ideal for you and your guests, consider some of these trending wedding dates:

Palindrome Dates for 2018

These are dates that deserve to be review the same method backward and forwards! Here is a list of the palindrome dates happening in 2018:

Holidays in 2018

You can look at holidays in Vegas among 2 ways. You deserve to come throughout the holiday weekend to gain additional days to enjoy your wedding, or you may desire to prevent these wedding days bereason of the influx of travelers to Las Vegas during these times.

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If you are looking for a wedding day that will bring you luck, take into consideration a day with the numbers 8 and 9. The Chinese consider days that include these numbers to be fortunate. For those not superstitious and trying to find a date that is considered “unlucky”, Friday the 13th is constantly your best bet. Look out for these dates twice in 2018 in April and July.


Picking the perfect day deserve to be just as hard as picking the perfect partner! Let a Chapel of the Flowers wedding planner aid you pick your distinct day and also take your vision to the following level. Las Vegas is a destination of endmuch less possibilities no issue what time of year! Contact Chapel of the Flowers this particular day and also reserve that distinct day before it is too late!