It"s no excellent having actually the best players if you can"t put them in positions to win, that"s why we bring you the best offensive and also protective playpublications on Madden 19.

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Some players will certainly use whatever playbook the team they pick runs. There"s no real trouble with that as a lot of teams have actually playpublications specially tailored to their personnel, yet to really succeed at Madden 19 you must have actually one that suits your playing style. Do you love to play in the shotgun and pass it everywhere the field? Or perform you choose to use play action and short passes after pounding defenses via your running game? Whatever it is you like to perform, tright here is a playbook for you.

Best passing playbook - New England Patriots


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Unsurprisingly, the Patriots have actually a varied and deep shotgun section in their playbook. With 17 various formations and 209 shotgun plays, they are a nightmare for defenses to soptimal once the playbook opens up.

There are some distinctive and also rare formations among the Patriots shotgun packperiods. Split Cshed Pats has course combicountries that aren"t found in other places, and Y Off Trips Pats functions both WR and also HB display screens and a ton of wheel paths and HB motions that will mess through offenses. If you have actually an excellent receiving earlier, then this development will acquire him open a lot.

If the tight end is the stamina of your receiving corps then are afraid not, bereason the Patriots shotgun collection has some one-of-a-kind plays for that also. Trips TE isolates the tight finish away from a trips collection and also provides him all kinds of space to play in, while Trips Y Iso puts him out wide to terrorize smaller sized cornerbacks. Tright here are also formations favor Bunch that mess via coverperiods and Empty Ace Patriot that is a second empty set.

The Patriots also have a wonderful set of passes from under center, via their singleback formations prefer Deuce Close, Wing Slot, and Bunch Ace being particularly efficient.

The Patriots passing attack functions a lot of double move routes and also alternative routes that make it a difficult playbook to understand. Timing your throws is tough, however if you gain it down, then it"s incredibly tricky to sheight.

Best running playbook - Seattle Seahawks


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The Seahawks have actually lengthy watched themselves as a run-first team. While they are relocating ameans from that as a result of personnel worries, their playbook in Madden 19 is still great for the ground game. Zone runs are the order of the day for Seattle, but this playbook has 16 counters, 8 traps (consisting of a wham play), 14 review options, and one triple choice, making it an incredibly varied playbook for the run.

What sepaprices it from the likes of Carolina, which is additionally a great running playbook, is the formations. Seattle has some exceptional singleearlier formations including Deuce Close, Wing Slot, and Wing Tight Z. They all mess through angles for defenders and also create clear running lanes.

In shotgun the Seahawks have Wing Pair which is distinct and provides you three tight ends ameans from the HB and has actually inside zone, exterior zone, HB power, and HB respond to in it. Those four runs from the same formation deserve to really hurt defenses, and also if you run them through the Cowboys or Steelers offensive lines, then you deserve to cause chaos on eexceptionally snap.

Best balanced playbook - New Orleans Saints

The 2017 New Orleans Saints had actually one of the finest offenses in modern-day background through both a devastating ground game and electrical passing strike. That dual threat is mirrored in their Madden 19 playbook.

They have a nice set of under facility formations such as I Form Slot Flex, Singleago Deuce Close, and also Weak Close Flex that have the right to reason problems for defenses. They have actually Pistol Bunch TE that gives you most alternatives, and also then an expansive shotgun collection with 13 formations including the formidable Y Off Trio Weak which has been one of the the majority of exceptional formations of Madden 19 so much. 

Plays choose Trey Y-Flex Inside Zone have actually extremely simple reads for individuals, and Double Y Flex Off Weak make use of receiving backs extremely well. This is a beauticompletely well balanced playbook that combines a differed run game via complex passing concepts for seasoned Madden players and simple reads for beginners. If you had actually to usage one playbook for any type of team, then the Saints would certainly be it.

Best 4-3 playbook - Jacksonville Jaguars

It shouldn"t be any kind of surpincrease that the team through the finest defense in the game also has actually the best playbook for how they run their D. If you"re more comfortable via a four male protective line, then the Jaguars are the playbook for you.

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They have actually five 4-3 formations, consisting of Common, Under, Over, Over Plus, and Wide 9. That Wide 9 can be particularly damaging against outside runs and bootlegs. The Jaguars defense doesn"t give you much reason to switch up via just how excellent they are in Franchise Mode. However before, if you are using this playbook via your MUT team or a various franchise, then the likes of the 46 front will be beneficial in short yardage, while the nickel sets, through Double A Gap and Wide 9 formations, deserve to crush your opplace in passing situations. The Big Nickel Over G is a nice change up front if your adversary loves to run out of the shotgun.

There are plenty of trap covereras in the Jaguars playbook, via Cover 6 Invert out of Nickel Normal looking like it will certainly be a huge one this year. Cover 3 Sexactly how 2 in Nickel Double A Void is a nice mix-up play after some of the Nickel Dog blitzes.