The first, the finest, the original

Get a flawless blend through the award-winning, premier edgemuch less, reusable, high-interpretation cosmetic sponge applicator, in classical pink. The exclusive aqua-activated™ material gives an airbruburned application and absorbs minimal product, so your favorite formula lands on your complexion, not your sponge. This category-creator is a 12-time Alentice Best of Beauty award winner.

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3 Simple Steps

The is a functional makeup sponge that have the right to be used for practically anything in your makeup bag: foundations, bb cream, concealer, you name it.


1. Wet

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What we’re made of

The aqua-activated™ sponge grows to about twice its dimension once wet, and also absorbs minimal product so your favorite formula lands on your complexion—not your sponge. When wet, the super soft material gives an even, smooth blfinish and bounce. The huge, rounded surconfront area ensures a quick application while the contoured reminder uses precision. has actually preferred to usage non-toxic, water-soluble dyes. For this factor, your might shed dye for the first couple of washes—similar to a pair of blue jeans. Once you squeeze the water out of the, the excess dye is removed too.

For all skin types Cruelty complimentary Vegan Made in USA

Has your lost some of its bounce? We recommfinish you replace yours eexceptionally 3-6 months when noticing indications of wear and tear. Click below to learn as soon as your needs to be reput.

This sponge absolutely resides approximately the hype. It blends out your structure beautitotally for a flawmuch less look.