We expush gratitude for what means the the majority of to us – our health and happiness and also the bounty of beauty in our resides.

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But what about the negative stuff?

Why would certainly we be thankful for the negative stuff? Shouldn’t we be avoiding the negative stuff?

Sure. How’s avoiding the bad stuff going? Still finding it still finds you?

What if we uncovered the GOOD in the BAD? And were then grateful for that GOOD (that’s in the BAD)?

Several of the biggest lessons I’ve learned have come from negative – downright painful – experiences. And for that I’m thankful. You should be too.

Here are Six Unmost likely Things to be Thankful For in no specific order bereason each is – in its very own way – sucky.

A BREAKUP – Lost a love? A long-time friend? A project or hope or dream? It damages. But periodically our stays are enhanced not by what we include to it yet by what we take ameans. Hit the delete key and fill the room produced by that loss through a new connection, a positive force or long-time goal. Don’t bemoan what’s gone however be thankful for the opportunity to look forward to what comes following. After all, you can’t start a brand-new chapter if you store re-reading the last one.ENVY – Pay attention to what you pay attention to. If you notice yourself feeling jealous of a friend or colleague, take into consideration why. What execute they have actually that are you missing? Why does it bvarious other you? If you want it, go gain it! I saw in myself a pattern this year. It seemed like eincredibly fellow speaker I understand published a book. And each time I heard their news, I turned a little green. And then I felt bad bereason why would I begrudge someone the result of their difficult work? A little envy helped me see this goal matters to me and it’s worth the effort. Be thankful for the hints that give us clarity and also the drive and determicountry to go after it. Make your life not one of envy however one worthy of emulation.ACHES & PAINS – Who likes separating headaches, a basic sense of fatigue and also a jumpy stomach that has you running to the bathroom? No one! But random ailments are your body’s method of saying it demands even more attention from you. So pay attention and respond as necessary. Sometimes the hints are little and oddly odd. I stayed quiet with a collection of arguments at occupational in which I felt I was being treated disrespectcompletely until I threw my back out while emptying the dishwasher (!). I couldn’t straighten up for days. While functioning from house (vulnerable on the hardlumber floor), I chose to stop up about exactly how I’d been treated. And you know what happened? My back pain eased. I’m a realist, yet even I might watch the symbolism of not standing up for myself and also throwing my ago out. And I obtained much better and learned to stand tall, literally and also figuratively. Be grateful for the indicators your body is sfinishing and occupational to ease them. Get your brain aligned with your heart and also your gut. They’ll be thankful. You will be as well.Boredom – Don’t have a lot to sheight of? Staying in again? We’re in the middle of a global pandemic – what’s tright here to do? There’s something to be shelp for a boring presence, for also those moments of loneliness that leave you longing. A boring life may be devoid of excitement yet you understand what else it lacks? Uninvited drama. There’s sufficient of that available, why seek it out?. Relish the quiet. Be still. Get focused. Watch Netflix. This too, shall pass.

Be thankful for all that’s on your plate.

Tbelow is excellent in the negative. And periodically negative in the good, choose eating till a gut-ache at Thanksgiving. You will certainly be stuffed after three plates of stuffing. Here’s your reminder to sheight at two. Save room for pie.

And here’s to negative bosses and boredom and bathroom runs and being envious and breakups.

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Here’s to being grateful for it all.

How around you? What are the unmost likely points you appreciate? Say a tiny many thanks on Thanksgiving. And check out our video on the power of The Unlikelies – those story aspects we don’t like and think are unmost likely to aid us, yet finish up placing us on the best path!

Valerie Gordon is a previous award-winning television producer and also currently the founder and also owner of jiyuushikan.org, a career and also communication strategy firm. She helps clients via the communication skills and also devices important to ascfinish the management ladder. Contact her at info