Bcdedit not recognized windows 10

Hello, You"re running wrong command also. The correct command also is bcdeditnot bcmodify. Refer this for more:https://jiyuushikan.org.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc709667.aspxHope this helps, Good luck :)

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Try the adhering to to check if bcdedit is damaged:

sfc /VERIFYFILE=C:windowssystem32cdmodify.exe

If the file is damaged then attempt this:

sfc /scannow

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Hi zack918237,

Based on your summary, I noticed the error message. It seems thattbelow is somepoint wrong through the command line which you have actually typed. We may try the methods below and also inspect the outcome.

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Please open up an elevated command also prompt.

You deserve to use this to check out if bcdmodify is damaged:

sfc /VERIFYFILE=C:windowssystem32cdedit.exe

If the file is fine you will obtain an output favor this:

Windows Resource Protection did not uncover any integrity violations.

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If the file is damaged you can attempt to replace from backups using:

sfc /scannow

If for any kind of reason that fails you could always attempt downloading and install the Windows 8.1 Enterpclimb trial, install it in a digital machine, and also copy the bcdedit.exe from it.

For more information, please describe the link:

bcdedit.exe is not recognized… Win 8.1:


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