Time Rift: Dead Bird Studio

This is a purple Time Rift, and also as such, requires a Relic to appear. It have the right to be found on the second stage on the roof of the structure in front.

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Climb to the height of the boxes, wright here the tube is, however rotate about before you enter the tube to discover a Storybook Page. Cross via the tube, stop the video camera and also grab the first Pons. Go best and walk the electric cords to acquire to the bridge in front and also grab the second Pons. Jump in the direction of the tube, grab the 2 Storybook Pages, and the Pons. Aim for the Storybook Page first, given that the just means to obtain to the Pons is by jumping from the platcreate where the second Storybook Page is. Go back to the structure wbelow the tube is and also drop down from the various other side to grab the last Pons and continue through the tube.

Go left between the boxes and prevent the cam to grab the initially Pons. Go through the tiny space between the boxes and walljump a couple of times to obtain to the optimal of the boxes and also grab the Storybook Page in front. Make your way to the highest possible suggest on the top-right side to find a Pons.


You deserve to watch from that screenswarm the destructible cprice below, usage your Brewing Hat on it to obtain an additional Pons. Drop dvery own to obtain a few more of these.


Grab the Storybook Page and the Pons below, then usage your Ice Hat to acquire to the various other Pons. Go earlier to the walljump area, to grab another Storybook Page.

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Go back to the walljump location one more time, but follow the sandbags this time and grab the Pons, then go with the Tube. Tbelow are no trick locations here so just follow the cables in the direction of the platcreates and grab every little thing you see, then go with the tube.

Do a wall jump appropriate wright here you are until you gain to the top and also grab the Storybook Page. Go to the next room and hit the Time Rift a pair of times and grab the Time Piece.