Battery stuck at 100 android

If you are a smartphone user, then you need to certainly be having actually a lengthy list of battery woes. Battery charging worries are something that all smartphone customers typically challenge. We all desire to conserve and also boost battery life yet you should have actually noticed that occasionally, your phone’s battery jumps dvery own from 90% to 40% within minutes and also has a tendency to remain at 40% for hrs. When you enrespond to State of Charge (SOC) misenhance, it is time to calibrate your phone battery. Whatever is the difficulty via your phone battery, you need to initially determine it, uncover a solution and also then resolve it. It is less complicated to inspect the battery on phones via a removable battery cover.

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Before proceeding with any kind of test, examine if the battery is swollen, or has leaks and also bulges, as these concerns are are simple to identification. If all looks excellent, try calibrating the battery.


Calibrating your Android phone battery suggests getting the Android OS to correct the indevelopment so that it shows the actual battery levels.

When have to you Calibrate your Phone Battery?

When a State of Charge (SOC) miscomplement occurs or as soon as your phone offers skeptic continuing to be times that are unmost likely, it is time to calibprice the phone battery.

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Calibrating your Phone Battery

Let your battery drain totally and also let the phone shut off by itself.Without turning it on, plug your phone right into the charger and also let it charge up to 100%.Leave the phone off while it is charging.Turn your phone on and wait for it to boot.On the residence display, if the battery meter shows 100%, unplug it from the charger, if does not then switch it off and continue to charge till the battery charge displays 100%.

After calibration, the battery’s charged percentage will certainly be reset and also will certainly be in sync through the absolute charged state. You have the right to then begin using the phone typically. Some civilization imply repeating the above measures twice to calibrate. It is actually not required; however, the thought may differ among individual experience.

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How Often Should You Calibrate Your Battery?

There is no dominion that asks you to calibprice the phone battery n variety of times. Unless there is a real need, you require not calibrate your phone battery. However before, two to three times a year is fine but if you proceed to face the incorrect percentage concern, have your phone checked at the business facility and also if required, rearea the battery. After all nothing lasts forever.

Before winding up, if you think battery calibration rises the battery life, you are wrong. It does not!

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