Battery percentage going down while charging

I"ve simply observed somepoint quite strange: while tethering to my lappeak, via the phone being plugged in a power source (the charger I gained via the device) - the battery percent began going dvery own.

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Now, I"m in an area wright here the signal is pretty bad, and also my phone is constantly switching between 3G and also some H+ netjob-related. It"s normal for the battery life to suck.

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However before, isn"t the phone meant to power itself directly from the charger?

I believed that the charger was both powering the phone and recharging the battery.

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Now it appears that the battery is powering the phone - while the charger is only recharging the battery (and failing).

Is this correct?

Even more importantly: will certainly this hurt my battery?

And one more question: can I sindicate take my battery out and also store the phone alive just on the charger (e.g. this is possible via a laptop)?

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asked Jun 19 "13 at 14:13

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