Batch file set window size and position

When you open up Command also Prompt and also position it on your preferred location on the display screen, the setting is not preserved. Also, when you redimension the Command also Prompt home window and also close it, the establishing is not conserved. This device regulated placing annoys many type of users who prefer uniformity in every element of the user interconfront. This post tells you exactly how to customize the default Command Prompt window dimension (width & height) and also set its default position in terms of display collaborates.

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You deserve to customize a Command also Prompt window’s appearance by changing its home window dimension, position, font, and colors. You deserve to save these settings individually for each Command Prompt shortreduced so that you can have actually tradition settings for different tasks. Also, you connumber a global default window dimension, position, and font settings, which will use when you launch Command also Prompt window using various other indicates — for example, as soon as you run cmd.exe straight.

Set Command Prompt Default Window Size & Position for a Specific Shortcut

To customize a Command Prompt home window dimension and position for a particular shortcut, usage these steps:

Right-click on the Command also Prompt shortreduced, and also click Properties. Alternately, double-click the shortreduced to launch Command Prompt. Right-click the Command also Prompt title bar and also click Properties.Click on the Layout tab.

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Important: If you make any kind of transforms to the Command also Prompt home window that was opened it directly (by means of the Run dialog, as opposed to a desktop computer shortcut), the customized settings will certainly be saved in the complying with registry crucial instead:

HKEY_CURRENT_USERConsole\%SystemRoot%_system32_cmd.exeThe over crucial overrides the defaults in HKEY_CURRENT_USERConsole as soon as you open up Command also Prompt straight (not from a shortreduced.)

To reset to default settings, the subvital %SystemRoot%_system32_cmd.exe have the right to be deleted.

Reset Command Prompt Setups to Windows Default

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00;Recollection Command also Prompt settings to default<-HKEY_CURRENT_USERConsole\%SystemRoot%_system32_cmd.exe>"CtrlKeyShortcutsDisabled"=dword:00000000"CursorColor"=dword:ffffffff"CursorSize"=dword:00000019"DefaultBackground"=dword:ffffffff"DefaultForeground"=dword:ffffffff"EnableColorSelection"=dword:00000000"ExtendedEditKey"=dword:00000001"ExtendedEditKeyCustom"=dword:00000000"FaceName"="__DefaultTTFont__""FilterOnPaste"=dword:00000001"FontFamily"=dword:00000000"FontSize"=dword:00100000"FontWeight"=dword:00000000"ForceV2"=dword:00000001"FullScreen"=dword:00000000"HistoryBufferSize"=dword:00000032"HistoryNoDup"=dword:00000000"InsertMode"=dword:00000001"LineSelection"=dword:00000001"LineWrap"=dword:00000001"LoadConIme"=dword:00000001"NumberOfHistoryBuffers"=dword:00000004"PopupColors"=dword:000000f5"QuickEdit"=dword:00000001"ScreenBufferSize"=dword:23290078"ScreenColors"=dword:00000007"ScrollScale"=dword:00000001"TerminalScrolling"=dword:00000000"TrimLeadingZeros"=dword:00000000"WindowAlpha"=dword:000000ff"WindowSize"=dword:001e0078"WordDelimiters"=dword:00000000"ColorTable00"=dword:00000000"ColorTable01"=dword:00800000"ColorTable02"=dword:00008000"ColorTable03"=dword:00808000"ColorTable04"=dword:00000080"ColorTable05"=dword:00800080"ColorTable06"=dword:00008080"ColorTable07"=dword:00c0c0c0"ColorTable08"=dword:00808080"ColorTable09"=dword:00ff0000"ColorTable10"=dword:0000ff00"ColorTable11"=dword:00ffff00"ColorTable12"=dword:000000ff"ColorTable13"=dword:00ff00ff"ColorTable14"=dword:0000ffff"ColorTable15"=dword:00ffffff"CurrentPage"=-"WindowPosition"=-To recollection Command Prompt choices to defaults:

Please copy the above contents and also paste it into Notepad.Double-click the .reg file to use the settings.

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The default colors, font confront, font family, home window size, place (device managed), and also other settings are restored. As stated previously, this is a per-user establishing.

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