So favor my last short article shelp, I really shed heavy steam on this blog for any type of number of factors. I never lost interest in Bob’s Burgers, though. Which kinda made it worse as soon as I’d watch a new episode and then stare listlessly at my dash and this blog gathering dust on my sidebar.

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Months and months back I tried to carry out the Chorizo Your Own Adendeavor Burger. It came out as great as could be expected however I didn’t record it well sufficient. Couldn’t tell you the recipe now if I wanted to. That’s part of the reason I shed heavy steam.

My frifinish texted me the other night and all yet told me that I should put this burger together. Not necessarily for the blog, yet because he digs my cooking/recipes. I determined that I’d carry out it and also that I need to most likely put it up on the blog because, you recognize,why not?

As much as weekly burgers go: Money’s still tight, so I’ll do my ideal. But I’ll attempt to do theoretical burgers on weeks once I can’t afford to get burger stuff. That is to say I’ll article a recipe that hasn’t been taste tested and anyone who wants to make it deserve to perform so at their own danger. Then I can revisit the recipe sometime later on with any type of transforms or fan suggestions.

Now, onto the burger itself! 14-year-old Bob provides this burger at his father’s restaurant. It’s just a burger with “sour cream, chives, and also bit fried pickle wheels on the sides that make it look favor a auto.” Easy sufficient burger, all points taken into consideration.

This time around I had actually to switch up my burger ingredients a little, replacing the lean ground sirloin I usually usage via ground beef round. This surrendered a tougher, grmuch easier burger. I don’t think I’ll be utilizing it aacquire.

I likewise doubled down on the chives. In addition to the sour cream & chives sauce I likewise blended some chives in through the meat which turned out great. Anyway, I’ve rambled sufficient. here’s the recipe.

Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of the burgers this time around. Somepoint went wrong via my cam and the image didn’t job-related out.

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½ pound ground chuck½ pound ground sirloin½ teaspoon kosher salt½ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper¼ cup chives, chopped fine


1 cup sour cream2 tablespoons chives, chopped fine½ teaspoon seasoned salt4 pickles


30 minutes prior to you make your burgers, mix 2 tablespoons of finely chopped chives and also seasoned salt right into the sour cream. Cover and go back to your refrigerator.Mix your ground beef through the salt, pepper, and also chives, create right into patties. You’re shooting for 5 ounce patties. Heat your skillet over tool high warmth.When your skillet is warmed up and also all set to go, toss in your burgers. Chef 4 minutes on each side for tool rare. 5 minutes on each side for tool.after your burgers have got to your desired done-ness, evacuate them to a plate to rest for 2 or 3 minutes prior to serving.To serve, area the burgers on a bun, top with the sour cream sauce. Add the peak bun and also put 4 little (fried or unfried) pickle slices on the sides to make it look favor a car.

… Vroom vroom…