Affinity is a worth provided to determine a ship"s affection towards you. Stat bonoffers may be gained the greater the ship"s affinity is. By tapping on the affinity icon, by clicking "stats", using sorting options in the docks or opening the fleet in specific areas (prefer the Dorm or Secretary screen) it is possible to inspect a shipgirl"s specific affinity worth (listed as Intimacy).

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IconIcon (Meta)StatusNotes
Oath (Up to 200)Pledge Ring offered. Increases all base stats (aside from Speed) by 9%. If affinity worth is 200, increases all base stats (aside from Speed) by 12%.
Love (100)Partner (The Idolmaster)100 affinity. Increases all base stats (aside from Speed) by 6%.
Crush (81-99)Synced (META)Colleague (The Idolmaster)Increases all base stats (aside from Speed) by 3%.
Friendly (61-80)Frifinish (The Idolmaster)Increases all base stats (aside from Speed) by 1%.
Stranger (31-60)No impacts. Newly gained shipgirls begin at 50.
Disappointed (≤30)Only possible by continuously sortieing a ship through 0 Morale.

A shipgirl"s affinity level likewise determines the line she will certainly sheight as soon as accessed through the Docks interconfront.

Tbelow are certain methods to boost a shipgirl"s affinity value:

(At this time broken - does NOT raise affinity at all) Putting her in the Dorm might cause her to display a heart symbol. Tapping it will boost her affinity by 0.1 to 0.3 points. Food and also existing affinity level might affect the opportunity of heart icon appearing.Ships collection as secretary get 1 point of affinity eexceptionally 300-320 minutes. Secretary affinity obtain stops at 90 affinity.


Shipgirls have mood worths varying from 0 to 150 and have the right to be seen by the deals with presented in their profile page, on the formation display if low, or opening the fleet in specific locations (prefer the Dorm or Lecture Hall screen).

Happy (40-119)
Sad (0)Sending her to fight will cause her to lose Affection and also obtain halved experience

When ship morale hits 50 or reduced, it will start to display the face icon on the fleet screen. It is excellent exercise to switch your shipgirls as soon as these face icons begin to appear and let them rest.

Morale might be shed by doing the adhering to (does not use to Exercise or Operation Siren):

Attacking any fleet, regardmuch less of whether it is on the map or an ambush, reduces morale by 2.Sinking reduces morale by 10.

The default maximum Morale is 119, yet shipgirls in the Dorm (either floor) can have actually approximately 150. Shipgirls that have been rerelocated from the dorm via a morale value over 119 will certainly not experience decay in morale, however they will certainly keep that value of morale until morale is lessened by sortie or enhanced by reentry right into the dorms.

Morale regenerates in six-minute intervals. The base price is 20 points per hour, which deserve to be enhanced by being married (+10 per hour), being in the first floor of the Dorm (+20 per hour), or the second floor (+30 per hour).

In summary:

LocationMaximum MoraleUnmarriedMarriedMorale per hourFull recoexceptionally timeMorale per hourFull recoincredibly time
Not in Dorm119206 hours304 hours
Dorm, first floor150403 hrs, 45 minutes503 hours
Dorm, second floor150503 hours602 hrs, 30 minutes


The Pledge device is a mechanic whereby a shipgirl at the Love level of affection deserve to be upgraded to Married by means of a Promise Ring


This boosts the Affection cap to 200, and increases stat bonuses appropriately.This additionally enables the player to rename the married shipgirl. Players can further rename her after Marriage as soon as eexceptionally 30 days, although some limitations use on the name. See listed below.

Married shipgirls have actually a special border roughly their card and also will sparkle when collection as secretaries.

A Promise Ring deserve to be bought from the Premium Item Shop for 600 Gems.In some special occasion, the Pledge Ring will be sold in a fill of Two for just 980 Gems rather of 1200 Gems.

Additionally, players can re-watch the pledge scene by clicking on the oath switch for each ship in the Archives.


One Task will award a Promise Ring for getting your first shipgirl to 100 Affection.

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You will be gifted one item of wedding furniture after you professed your Marriage a multiple variety of times through various shipgirls. The furniture drop order is explained listed below.