Avs watermark

Note: the selected watermark will certainly be used to ALL the imported imeras.

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Set the watermark opacity

To set the transparency of the text or image watermark usage the correct Opacity slider bar (have the right to differ from 0 - complete transparency - to 100 - not transparent color).

Set the additional text properties

The program enables you to collection the Further Text Properties adjusting the font, brush, shadow and edge parameters.



Font - the message font-face offered in the message watermark. You have the right to pick a font-face from the drop-down list.Font Style - the message font style supplied in the message watermark. You can pick B for a bold text, I for an italicized text, U for an underlined message and S for a strikewith message.



Color - is offered to select the color for the primary message filling.Gradient - is used to create the smooth color change from one selected shade to the other.Angle - (available for Gradient brush kind only) is supplied to collection the gradient angle.



Enabled - is provided to switch the text shadow display on and off. If marked the below properties will certainly be obtainable.

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Angle - is offered to collection the angle of the shadow in relation to the text itself.Distance is provided to set the distance of the shadow in relation to the message itself.Blur - is provided to include smearing to the message shadow (0 being the Blur abfeeling, 100 noting the maximum Blur value).Opacity - is offered to collection the opacity of the shadow colors (can differ from 0 - full transparency - to 100 - not transparent color).



Enabled - is provided to switch the message edge display screen on and off. If noted the below properties will be availableColor - is used to choose the color of the edge.Thickness - is provided to collection the thickness of the text edge (0 value will certainly screen no edge, 100 is the maximal value for the edge property).


Save the developed watermark as a preset

To be able to use the created watermark to other images you can save it as a preset. Click the Save Preset switch in the Presets section on the height of the window. The complying with window will be opened:


Go into a new preset name and also click the OK switch. The new developed preset will certainly be displayed in the Preset list and have the right to be offered any kind of time.

If you want to modify this list click the Manage Presets button to open up the Preset Manager window. Here you deserve to rename the developed preset, remove the unessential one and also move it up/dvery own selecting it via the computer mouse and also utilizing the corresponding buttons at the bottom of the home window.

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If you want to remove the used waternote, uncheck the Add Text or Add Image box on the Watermark tab.