The 10 Best Spirits In Avatar: The Last Airbender And Legend of Korra The Spirit World of Avatar The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra has been full of mystery and strange entities. Here are the best ones.

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The Spirit World of Avatar The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra has been full of mystery and strange entities. Long known to cause magic and mischief, the spirits of the Avatar world have offered help and hindrance to the Avatars of the past.

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With multiple adventures in the Spirit World to the Spirit World"s ascension into the real world, the spirits have been a consistent part in Avatar lore. From Koh the Facestealer to the library keeper Wan Shi Tong, the spirits have been a huge part of the Avatar world. Here are 10 of the best spirits in the Avatar world.

In The Legend of Korra General Bumi befriends a spirit in "Book Two," Bum-Ju or Bumi Junior. In the Legend of Korra episode "The Guide," a visit to the Eastern Air Temple has Jinora showcase her deep connection to the Spirit World. As she sees several Dragonfly Bunny spirits appearing, she convinces them to appear in front of the family after her Aunt Kya insisted they appear. Eventually they do show up and one even takes a tremendous liking to Bumi, Bum-Ju. Moments in the show involved Bumi trying to make a hand-knitted pink sweater for him, and him helping Bumi with Airbending. Appearing for eight episodes, Bum-Ju was the mascot for Bumi that Momo and Pabu were for Aang and Bolin.

The Aye-aye spirit was the caretaker of the Spirit Oasis and friend of Avatar Wan. In the Legend of Korra episodes "Beginnings Pt 1 and 2," the Aye-aye Spirit initially finds Wan as he exits from the safety of the Lionturtle cities, and tries to make his way in the spirit wilds. Affectionately named "Stinky" by the Aye-aye spirit, Wan grew and learned Firebending, helping him protect the Spirit Oasis from trespassers. The Aye-aye spirit also showed the ability to possess humans, briefly taking over the body of Wan before he became the Avatar.

In the Spirit World lies the Fog of Lost Souls, a large expansive prison in the Spirit World. Home to villains like Admiral Zhao and the lie-detector Aiwei, the Fog Spirit powered a mind-dampening miasma which drove them insane.

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Even Admiral Zhao chased after Tenzin, believing he was Avatar Aang and was finally accomplishing his mission for the Fire Lord. In this, the Fog Spirit never spoke or did anything except drive its countless prisoners to total insanity.

7 Wan Shi Tong

The great librarian of the greatest library in both worlds, Wan Shi Tong is a great Owl spirit and great giver of knowledge. Unfortunately for Wan Shi Tong, humans had often looked to the library as a means for warfare knowledge. With Admiral Zhao learning about the Moon spirit"s location, and even Sokka learning about the day of black sun from the library, Wan Shi Tong had enough of humanity"s desire for violence over intelligence.

Originally a human in the Northern Water Tribe, Princess Yue was saved by the Moon spirit as a child from a strange illness and gained white hair as a result. Unfortunately, after Admiral Zhao nearly killed the Moon spirit, it was up to her to sacrifice herself and become one with the Moon spirit. This sprouted multiple memes lampooning poor Sokka. Still, Yue proves herself to be a great beacon of hope and help for Aang and Team Avatar. When Aang has difficulty with his path, Yue is the one who helps encourage him to save the world and embrace his destiny.

5 Hei Bei

The panda bear spirit from the Avatar the Last Airbender episode "Winter Solstice Part 1," Hei Bei nearly destroyed a village in anger for the Fire Nation"s desecration of the forest. Being Aang"s first challenge with the spirit world, Hei Bei became a giant sonic-wave blasting panda demon. Later on, Aang managed to clear things up with the spirit, and Hei Bei returned to his docile panda form. This spirit was one of the first introductions for viewers to see the extent of the spirits and their powers.

The Yin and Yang spirits of the Moon and Ocean, Tui and La took the forms of two koi in the Spirit Oasis of the Northern Water Tribe. Mesmerizing in their ever-circular spin in the pond, the two came to the real world from the spirit world and created a portal there.

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Unfortunately, when Admiral Zhao hurts the Moon spirit, the Ocean spirit bonds with the Avatar and forms a giant monster which tears through the entire Fire Nation navy.

3 Painted Lady

The beloved river spirit of the Jang Hui River, Katara once dressed up as the Painted Lady in the Avatar the Last Airbender episode, The Painted Lady. Spawning countless works of cosplay and fan art, the Painted Lady was the visual representation of Katara"s benevolence and compassion for others. While the Painted Lady only appeared in the one episode, in the Legend of Korra, the Painted Lady"s marks appear on the teacup Korra drinks from with Uncle Iroh.

The most curious spirit, Koh the Facestealer is best known as the spirit that stole Avatar Kuruk"s wife"s face. Punishing Kuruk for his arrogance, Koh"s mission is to punish arrogant humans by stealing their faces. However, he is also known to answer questions to those who can refrain from blinking or showing emotion. In this, he meets Aang in the episode "The Siege of the North, Part 2" when Aang crosses over to get information to help Tui and La. However, Kuruk"s wife isn"t the only face he stole, as others have also fallen prey to him.

1 Uncle Iroh

The wisest character in Avatar the Last Airbender, Iroh has been there for Zuko, Toph, Aang, and even Korra. When he appears in the Spirit World, it is shown that he ascended at some point and even opened a tea shop. Much like a Star Wars force ghost, Iroh appears and helps Korra as she travels through the Spirit World trying to save Jinora and the world. Long known to have been spiritually sensitive after the death of his son Lu Ten, Iroh"s ascendance as a spirit shows him just as he was in the human world: calm, happy, helpful, and of course drinking tea.

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