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I’m a newbie to jiyuushikan.org! (totally free, 5.1.889 version) & to this jiyuushikan.org, so I hope I’m doing this ideal. I am using a custom-built PC via Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit, AMD Sempron 3300+ 2.0 GHz processor, 2 GB RAM, IE8 web browser. I’m likewise a “newbie” to Windows 7. (My previous OS was XP.) I had to rearea my prior motherboard recently & both difficult drives so I currently have actually 1.5 TB complete of 2 difficult drives. I ALWAYS have ALL real-time shields running unmuch less I physically disconnect from my DSL modem (which is nearly never). I’m presently making use of Window 7 “Bubbles” screensaver.I was going through the jiyuushikan.org! settings making certain everything’s collection correctly once I ran right into the display screen saver options.

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So I searched Aid wright here it says:With jiyuushikan.org! installed, it is feasible to run a sdeserve to also when your computer is not being provided and your screen-saver is running. A little home window is shown inside the screen-saver which increates you around the scanning progression, i.e. about the variety of scanned papers and so on.If you desire jiyuushikan.org! to shave the right to your computer as soon as the screen-saver is running, you should find the screen-saver choice in your computer's control panel and then choose "jiyuushikan.org! antivirus".To add this sdeserve to to the list of pre-identified scans on the Sdeserve to Now page, go to the regime "Settings" and examine package "Sjust how unique scans in jiyuushikan.org! user interface". You will certainly then have the ability to accessibility and also adjust the shave the right to parameters as required.Huh?
I should be thick bereason I don’t understand also this at all. Don’t basically all schedulable AV programs run while the display saver is additionally running?? Can’t Ahuge execute a shave the right to while my display screen saver is additionally running? Does it speak scanning if I gain back on my PC & the screen saver stops because I opened a program? Does this scan actually sdeserve to the screen saver? What does the above really mean??Due to the fact that I constantly collection them as much as run at night (while I’m sleeping) & / or I leave my COMPUTER unattfinished while waiting for whatever before scans I had to run manually to end up, every one of my previous anti-malware programs have actually run at the same time my display screen saver was running & I never before heard of having to adjust any settings to make that feasible – until currently. I searched the jiyuushikan.org! Free/Pro/Suite section for ‘screen saver, screensaver’ & got so many outcomes my Alarge will expire prior to I get them all review.Could someone please describe to me in non-geek language what this screen saver mode is all about (i.e., why it exists) & why I need to make alters to my screen saver settings for jiyuushikan.org! to execute a scheduled complete system shave the right to while my screen saver is running? I would be grateful for the clarification.I have to leave in a small bit for the evening, however I’ll rerotate tomorrow.Thanks!