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Follow these steps to set up and troubleshoot Wi-Fi wiremuch less Net accessibility.

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Turn Wi-Fi power on or off

Touch  > Settings, then touch the Wi-Fi power switch to rotate it  or


Wi-Fi search & connect

When Wi-Fi is on, the Wi-Fi in variety indicator 

appears in the status bar when a netoccupational is accessible. Drag down the standing bar and also touch the Wi-Fi networks available alert to choose and also attach to a netoccupational.

To search for a network-related once Wi-Fi is off:

Touch  > Settings > Wi-Fi

Touch the Wi-Fi power switch to revolve it  and also shave the right to. Your smartphone lists the netfunctions it finds within range.

Tip: To see your smartphone’s MAC attend to or various other Wi-Fi details, touch Menu

> Advanced

Touch a network to affix. If vital, enter Netjob-related SSID, Security, and Password, and touch Connect

When your smartphone is associated to the netjob-related, the Wi-Fi connected indicator 

appears in the status bar.

Tip: When you are in selection and Wi-Fi power is on, you will automatically reattach to available networks you’ve connected to before.

Wi-Fi Hotspot

You can make your smartphone a Wi-Fi hotspot to administer portable, convenient Net accessibility to other Wi-Fi allowed devices.

Caution: This application significantly effects battery life. You may want to run this application with the charger associated.

Note: You must subscribe to Wi-Fi hotspot company to use this feature. Contact your carrier for even more details.

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To erected your smartphone as a Wi-Fi hotspot:

Touch  > Settings > More > Tethering & Mobile Hotspot > Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot to turn on the hotspot.

Touch Setup Wi-Fi Hotspot to readjust hotspot security and configuration settings:

Network-related SSID: Get in a distinct name for your hotspot and also touch Next.

Security: Select the type of security you want WPA2 or None. Select WPA2 and Get in a unique password. Other customers have the right to accessibility your Wi-Fi hotspot only if they enter the correct password.

Note: Keep it secure. To safeguard your smartphone and hotspot from unauthorized access, it is strongly recommended that you put up hotspot Security (WPA2 is the many secure), including password.

Touch Save as soon as the settings are complete.

When your Wi-Fi hotspot is active, various other Wi-Fi enabled devices have the right to attach by entering your hotspot’s SSID, choosing a Security form, and also entering the correct Password.


Unable to establish connection through the phone

The wireless network might not be in selection or has actually also of a weak signal to administer a effective connection. Check the signal bar to ensure you have solid connection.Re-enter the crucial on the phone to match the essential configured on the router. Make sure that the encryption type and also defense settings enhance on the rexternal and phone.If WEP encryption is in usage, inspect that the vital configured on the rexternal matches the essential gotten in on the phone.The wireless network you"re attempting to connect to may be configured for static IP addresses only. Check with the mechanism administrator for an IP resolve assignment.Unplug the power from your router, revolve the phone off. Plug earlier in your router initially, then wait for 1 minute and also then rotate on your phone.Check if you are able to connect your phone via Bluetooth. If additionally unable to affix through Bluetooth contact for repair options.

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Can"t attach to Internet

Try a various URL or internet site deal with.Disconnect and also try connecting to the netoccupational again.Go into correct Password (WEP-WAP/WPA key).If connected using a commercial Wi-Fi hotspot, such as the ones at Borders or Starbucks, we recommfinish renewing the hotspot"s DHCP lease.Unplug the power from your router, turn the phone off. Plug back in your router initially, then wait for 1 minute and then turn on your phone.

Find Your Device"s MAC

Open SettingsSelect About PhoneSelect StatusIn below, you will certainly view a Wi-Fi MAC Address