Audit policy windows 7

Before you start

Objectives: Discover exactly how to permit auditing in Windows 7, and also exactly how to select auditing entries in folder properties.

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Prerequisites: you need to know what auditing is.

Key terms: auditing, Windows 7, configuration

 Group Policy

In order to regulate auditing, the first thing we need to execute is go to our Group Policy editor. To do that we have the right to enter “gpedit.msc” in search, and also open up the gpmodify regime. Next off, we have to navigate to Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Local Policies > Audit Policy.




Here we deserve to check out all auditing policies. In our situation we will certainly attempt to audit documents and also folders. For that we will pick the “Audit object access” plan and also choose the Success and also Faitempt alternatives.



Audit Object Access

The following action is to select the folder which we want to audit. For this demo, we have produced C:Docs folder. Inside of Docs we will certainly have Admin Documents and User File folders. We have actually configured protection settings in a way that all customers have the right to develop information in User File folder, however they can’t delete them.



Docs Folder

Now let’s go to the Properties of the User File folder, then Security tab > Advanced switch, and then the Auditing tab. Click the Continue switch to in order to view auditing properties.

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Here we will certainly click the Add button, and enter the Authenticated Users object.



Auditing Object

When we click OK, we will certainly be asked to choose auditing entries. In our examples we will certainly choose Successful and also Failed Delete alternatives.


Auditing Entries

Now that we have actually erected auditing, we need to wait for our users to take actions. After some time, we have the right to inspect Event Viewer to check out if tright here were effective or failed auditing occasions. All audit events are stored in the Windows Logs > Security. In our situation we have loged on with user Kim Verboy, and tried to delete a paper in User Data folder, so let’s view just how we have the right to find this in Event Viewer. In our case we had to use Filter and also Find alternative to discover proper entry displayed on the photo below.



Kim Verchild Entry

In the details of the occasion we have the right to see that the user Kim Verson tried to delete a document from User File folder, yet that activity was limited. As you deserve to watch, tbelow are many even more auditing events provided. Be sure to inspect out at leastern some of them.

Advanced Auditing Features

When compared to previous versions of Windows, in Windows 7 we have some more advanced auditing alternatives. To check them out we need to go to Group Policy editor > Windows Settings > Advanced Audit Policy Configuration. Here we have actually more granular manage of our auditing options.

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Advanced Auditing

State-of-the-art Auditing deserve to offer us much better check out of what’s going on our computer system.