Attrib not resetting system file

I figured somepoint was set on the documents that had them collection to Read Only.So I ran the following DOS command on the folder containing the files: attrib.Some of the records were readjusted fine, but others threw an accessibility denied error message.Well cover the many prevalent in this overview.

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Be Sure You are Running the Command With Admin Rights Click Start, then type CMD.

Right-click on Command Prompt, then pick Run as Administrator.

Check if Documents is in Use Are any of the files in usage by a regime or open up on one more computer that is associated Encertain nopoint has accessibility to the file when trying to run attrib.

If you cant track dvery own if the file is in use, you might want to attempt beginning the computer system in Safe Setting.

Check Permissions Do you have accessibility to all of the documents you are running attrib on You can check this through these steps: Right-click the folder youre functioning through then choose Properties.

Select Security. Select the Edit switch to edit perobjectives.

Select Add. Type your username to allow just your account access, or kind EVERYONE to allow accessibility to anybody.

With the account you simply added higlighted in the Group or user names area, pick the Allow examine for Full regulate.

Select OK when youre prepared.

Check File System or Disk Its incredibly widespread for attrib to throw Access Denied errors if there is problem via the tough drive.

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Try running CHKDSK F on the drive from a DOS command prompt, then try to run attrib aobtain as soon as its finiburned scanning.

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