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I was looking for a TPM 2.0 module for my Gigabyte Z87MX-D3H and I found that the brand also of the module is not important.

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The ones I uncovered are:

Asus Trusted Platform Module TPM/FW3.19 (20 pins)Gigabyte TPM Module GC-TPM2.0 (20 pins)

What is the difference among the first three? I guess the last one is similar to the second one, but I cannot find any type of indevelopment about the TPM/FW3.19 vs the TPM-L, both 20 pins.


TPM/FW3.19 is TPM 1.2 compatible and also TPM-L R2.0 is 2.0 compatible.

Ok, let me define aacquire. TPM/FW3.19 (20 pins) is an old module produced for old Motherboards prefer P8B, P9D and so on and it"s TPM 1.2 compatible. Asus TPM-L R2.0 20 pin relocations TPM/FW3.19 and is for newer MB like X99-based and also it supports TPM 2.0. The last one, ASUS TPM-M R2.0 is for Skylake or later motherboards and it supports TMP 2.0. If you have an old MB through 20-1 connector more than likely Asus TPM-L R2.0 20 pin will certainly not be compatible with it, it depends on BIOS. You have to examine it with your vendor. I guess you understand also that you can not usage 14 pin module on 20 pin motherboard or vice versa.

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The naming of pluggables TPM-cards need to be something likeTPM-L-R2.0, where the L stands for the pins and it"s spacing and also the R for the protocoll revision.

Please note that on the mechnical component tright here at leastern 3 various forms. See as well for the electrical part: LowPinCount-Bus (LPC bus).

pincount (14pins for M, 19 out of 20 pins for L, 17 out of 18 pins for S)pinspacing: 2,54mm for TPM-L and also 2mm for TPM-S.TPM-S has the "ident-pin" (the "lacking one/stuffed hole") on third last column, TPM-L has the ident pin on the 2nd last column.


The summary in the connect for the Asus TPM-L R2.0 20 pin states the TPM is a 14-1 package.There"s all sorts of faff through Infineon TPMs and also Windows updays the last few months.


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