Asus laptop keyboard not working windows 8

Are you likewise encountering the Asus lapoptimal keyboard not working problem? I am making use of Asus VivoPublication 15 X512 DA model. I am a big fan of Asus and I love the exceptional endure I am having actually with my Asus lappeak. It has actually a quick begin up, runs applications smoothly and also processes data at a very rapid rate.

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Recently key-board on my Asus lapheight stopped functioning. Some other people were likewise asking about the same issue. That is why I am creating this blog to share the methods I find useful to solve my Asus laptop key-board not working problem. The techniques in this blog are tested and have the right to aid you in solving the Asus lapheight keyboard difficulty. Read this blog until you deal with your Asus laptop. All the best!

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Steps to Fix Asus Laptop Keyboard Not Working

Asus Lapheight Keyboard Not Working Problem Synopsis

The user of Asus lappeak becomes unable to usage the key-board and kind anypoint on the computer system in the Asus lapheight keyboard not working problem. Neither you have the right to type nor give any instructions to the computer system. Either the key-board goes undetected or some settings proccasion the Asus lapoptimal to interact through the laptop keyboard. Read this in-depth blog to settle this problem yourself via Asus lapheight.

Basic Troubleshooting Steps for Asus Laptop Keyboard Not Working

Before performing the complicated actions we need to give a shot to these easy actions. If keyboard starts to work by percreating these actions then it will certainly conserve the majority of time otherwise we will go additionally in details.

Rebegin the Asus LaptopRemove any type of USB devices connected to the Asus LaptopLet the lapoptimal cool down if it is overheatedUninstall any type of unknown mounted applications from computer

We hope that your Asus lapheight key-board starts to occupational after you perform these above methods. If the keyboard isn’t solved with above techniques then try the approaches provided listed below.


Steps to Fix Asus Lapoptimal Keyboard Not Working

The actions given in this blog are tested through Asus laptop computers and also will certainly aid you in solving the lapoptimal keyboard not working problem. We recommend perdeveloping these steps in the order they are offered.

Revert Changes in Keyboard Setups on Asus Laptop

Keyboard settings are vital for correct performance of keyboard on lappeak. Any transforms made by you or any kind of other third part app have the right to result in the Asus key-board not working problem. Turning off and on the filter keys can assist revert the keyboard settings and also solve the Asus laptop key-board trouble. Follow the procedures provided below.

Go to the Start food selection.

Now click on settings.

Click on Ease of Access icon.

Now pick the Keyboard option.

Turn off the Filter key features.

Rebegin the Windows 10 PC.Turn on the Filter essential features.

When you will certainly again turn on the filter keys in the settings your Asus lapheight key-board not functioning difficulty should be resolved. If laptop keyboard still not working then check out the following paragraph.


Checking the Date and also Time Settings

It is a fact that that incorrect date and also time settings reasons difficulties through keyboard functionalities. Date and time settings can adjust itself because of numerous technical reasons bring about the Asus lapoptimal key-board not functioning difficulty. If you also uncover that date or time settings are incorrect than perdevelop these below offered measures.

Right click on the Time in the bottom best corner.
Select the Adjust Date/Time choice.
Now pick the Date and Time Pane from the brand-new Window.
Note: Turn of Set time automatically option, Also revolve off the set time zone instantly option
Click on the Change switch under Change Date and Time section.
Now enter the correct day and also time

Once you have collection day and also time to correct timing the lappeak key-board concern have to be resolved. If you are still dealing with the problem then read the following paragraph.


Region and also Language

Sometimes a third party application deserve to change the Region and Language settings on Asus lapoptimal. But such apps aren’t able to readjust the settings in its entirety. Such discrepancy in these settings have the right to cause Asus lappeak keyboard not functioning difficulty. Follow the listed below provided procedure action by action to properly collection the Region and also Language settings.

Click on the Start food selection & select Setups.
Choose the Region and Language settings choice.
Click on the Region choice from the left panel.
Choose Your Country Region.
Select Language from Left panel.
Select your language from the list.
If you can’t discover your language then.Click on the Add Your Language alternative.Also select the Set as Default choice.

To examine and also change the area settings carry out the following

Type language in the Start menuClick on Region and Language settingsSelect the Region optionSelect the correct regionMake certain that Regional format information matches the Region selected

Correcting Region and also Language settings if they were not currently correct can fix the Asus laptop key-board not functioning problem. If not then perform the next approach.


Update the Keyboard Driver

Out of date key-board drivers may cause the Asus lappeak key-board not functioning problem. Usually, the keyboard vehicle drivers are up to date however a manual upday may be required in some situations. For instance, periodically a current update might fail to install on the mechanism for technological factors. In this situation, updating the keyboard driver deserve to solve the keyboard not working difficulty. Follow these procedures.

Make certain your internet is connected.Click on the Start menu and also kind Device Manager.
Scroll dvery own the home window to find keyboards.
Expand the keyboard and appropriate click PS/2 Keyboard, & Click on Upday Driver.
Select the browse internet for vehicle drivers option.

Let the mechanism upday the driver. This might take few minutes depending upon the speed of your internet link. Once the upday is done rebegin the Asus lappeak. Keyboard should begin to job-related. If the keyboard is still not functioning then try the next method.

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Reinstall the Keyboard Driver

Due to activities performed by other software application, absence of space or third party application interference, the keyboard driver may get damaged. Reinstalling the key-board driver is just choice left in such case. Perform the below given procedures to reinstall the Asus key-board driver on lapoptimal.

Open the Start menu and also kind Control Panel.
Click on the Device Manager alternative.
Now expand the keyboards menu.
Right click the PS/2 key-board and Select the Uninstall option.

When the uninstallation is finish, rebegin the Asus lappeak and your OS will certainly immediately reinstall the keyboard driver. This fresh installation should fix the Asus lappeak key-board not functioning problem. If not then relocate on to next section.


Run the Troubleshoot Wizard for Windows

The built-in troubleshoot wizard have the right to aid in solving the Asus lappeak key-board not functioning concern. This wizard diagnoses computer device and detects any software or hardware associated concerns which may reason lapoptimal key-board trouble. Perdevelop these steps on your computer system to run the troubleshoot wizard.

Click on the Start food selection.
Type troubleshoot in package.
Click on the Troubleshoot choice.
Now Select the Keyboard.
Click on the run Troubleshooting.

Let the troubleshoot wizard detect any kind of problems which might be resulting in the Asus lapoptimal key-board not functioning difficulty and solve it. In situation the troubleshoot wizard does not detects any kind of trouble then read the next segment.


Uninstall Multiple Keyboards on Laptop

Many type of human being frequently use extra keyboard via their lapheight. They install a second USB or wireless keyboard to their Asus lapheight. Installing multiple keyboards can likewise cause Asus laptop key-board not working difficulty. Try these steps offered below.

Click on the Start menu.
Type tool and also click the Device Manager option.
Expand also the Keyboards choice from the food selection.
Right click the Keyboard you must uninstall.

Once you have uninstalled the other keyboard from Asus lapheight, the lapheight keyboard have to work-related just fine. Once the trouble is resolved you have the right to again reinstall and begin utilizing USB or wireless keyboard. If you carry out not have multiple key-boards or your problem still exists then inspect out the next strategy.


Disproceed Using Public Wifi

If you are used to connect your Asus lappeak via a public wifi at a surrounding coffee shop or restaurant then wait. Do you know that it deserve to cause the Asus lapoptimal keyboard not working fine issue? Public wifi comassures defense at many type of levels. It deserve to offer a malicious hacker the control of your laptop. Such human being deserve to manage your lapoptimal from a secure distance disabling your keyboard and also other functionalities.

Hence we strongly recommfinish to soptimal utilizing Asus lapheight via totally free public wifi. If this is not the case then read the following segment to try an additional method to settle the lappeak keyboard not working worry.


Check Your Asus Lapoptimal for Virus

You should make sure that your computer is not impacted by any type of virus as soon as you are encountering the Asus lappeak key-board not working problem. Virus is a malicious segment of code which have the right to disturb the normal functions on any kind of computer system. It may additionally cause the laptop keyboard difficulty.

Double click the Antivirus icon on your desktop.You can also launch the antivirus from the device tray symbol.Click on the Scan alternative.Now run a full device shave the right to (this might take few hours).

Let the antivirus regimen run the shave the right to and delete any virus you might uncovered on your computer. When you will restart Asus lappeak the keyboard need to be fixed. If no virus is uncovered on your computer then attempt the following approach.

Tip 10

Update Windows OS on Asus Laptop

If you are using Windows OS on Asus lapoptimal then you have to store your variation of OS as much as day. An out of date OS deserve to create troubles for hardware choose keyboard and come to be the reason for Asus lappeak keyboard not working trouble. Follow these measures here to upday OS

Click the Start menu.
Select the Setups alternative.
Now Select the Update and Security symbol.
Now select the examine for updates button.

The computer system will certainly itself examine and install any pfinishing updays.


Tips to Avoid Asus Laptop Keyboard Not working 

The Asus lapheight keyboard not functioning problem can happen aobtain. You deserve to prevent this problem to aacquire disturb your Asus lapheight if you will follow our advice. Take treatment of these straightforward points to make certain you are not bothered via the key-board issue later.

Keep Keyboard driver as much as dateKeep Windows up to dateAlmethods save your antivirus updateRun a shave the right to with antivirus regime at least once in a monthKeep the day and time correct

Taking care of these easy steps will certainly make sure that you execute not confront difficulties via key-board on your Asus lapheight.


Contact Official Asus Support for Laptop

We have extended all significant methods to deal with the Asus lappeak key-board not functioning difficulty. But, if the methods in this blog are unable to solve your lapheight key-board then the problem might be lying through the hardware. You have to call the official Asus support for lappeak without wasting time. Such hardware issues requirements to be assessed as shortly as feasible.


Final Words : Conclusion

Our blog is designed to help you via fixing the Asus laptop key-board not functioning problem in easy and straightforward steps. The procedures are provided very closely in the order to proccasion any type of dispute and cover all major problems. Please let us recognize your thoughts about this blog in the comments listed below. Your feedago aid us boost our work-related.

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