Asphalt 8 update error

Hello My Friends!I am Matthew and I am from Poland also. I have actually a really Big Problem via my Asphalt 8: Airborne game on COMPUTER via Windows 10.Couple of days ago I was playing through PowerCovering on my Windows 10 on PC - I wanted gain a downpack connect of Asphalt 8 XAPP and I mounted somepoint - probably old variation of Windows Shop or old version of Asphalt8 or somepoint choose that - I don"t remember, sorry...And currently I cannot upday Asphalt 8!

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I likewise cannot delete Asphalt 8: Airborne bereason he is not provided in APPS LIST in Windows 10 and also I cannot see the symbol of the WINDOWS SHOP - earlier it was on my begin menu bar.I also cannot delete Asphalt 8 via PowerCovering. Please inspect the info:

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I have an indevelopment that the Memory of my Windows Shop is broken and automatical repair can"t solve it
I made a clear cache and full recollection of Windows Shop by WSReset.exe via Admin Rights Two Times and still tbelow is the same 0x80070003 upday difficulty.I think that my Windows is functioning great, but there is a trouble just in Windows Shop or in Asphalt8 game bereason I remember that I probably downpack the earliest version XAPP and try to install by PowerCovering in Windows - and then my Asphalt8 damaged and also cannout update it from that time, and also my Windows Shop is damaged I think.Please compose to me exactly how to entirely remove Asphalt 8 Airborne from my COMPUTER Windows 10 and also exactly how to entirely rerelocate Windows Shop so then I will certainly reinstall it and also I think that it will certainly aid.error in DISM:
Link to the LOG of DISM:Anvarious other ERROR in DISM - but currently through one more commandDISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth /Source:C:RepairSourceWindows /LimitAccess
Hi Matthew,the error code actually relates to a Windows update issue and also I wonder if running the troubleshooter it might assist some? before you run DISM run an SFC shave the right to to clear up any corruption:File scansRight click on the Start food selection symbol and also from the revealed list choose "admin command prompt". Type:sfc /scannowpress enter and await resultsIn the exact same command also prompt and after the over shave the right to has actually finished type:dism /online /cleanup-picture /restorehealthPress enter and await results (much longer this time).If the initially sdeserve to discovered documents it could not repair yet the second sdeserve to is effective, run the first shave the right to again using the very same command also prompt box and also this time it must repair the records found.In reality you can run the over a couple of times if require be.Have a really excellent look with your Start menu, All apps section and also you can discover a connect to the game. If so then ideal click the icon and you need to be able to uninstall it.Somepoint else you could attempt is running Ccleaner as this has actually a uninstaller and hopecompletely you"ll have the ability to usage it to remove the game.

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My frifinish, these two alternatives via DISM failed and also cannot resolve this point via DISM.I do not recognize just how to delete WindowsApps by Ccleaner. Can you tell me?I record a video reflecting problems through Asphalt 8 game: