Secret Expansions is a relatively new product that is advertised on TV by Daisy Fuentes. Unchoose many type of various other conventional extensions, Secret Extensions use a “revolutionary patented headband” that allows for quicker application and removal.

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Secret Extensions are made of a “keratin conditioned fiber” that looks and feel favor real hair. They can likewise be reduced and stybrought about match any kind of hair type.They likewise come in many colors so tright here is a color for virtually everyone.

Colors include:

▪Light brown▪Medium brown▪Dark brown▪Black/Brown▪Light golden blonde▪Medium gold blonde▪Dark gold blonde▪Dark blonde▪Red blonde▪Light red brown▪Medium red brown

How Much Do They Cost?

Secret Expansions are only $39.99 plus shipping and handling. You deserve to also acquire a 2nd collection for an additional $29.99 with no additional shipping and also taking care of. That’s much less then various other extensions cost.

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5 Best Tips for Wearing Hair Extensions

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Tease Your Way to the Top!

Secret Expansions are the simplest alternative as soon as it involves including volume. You sindicate put in on choose a headband also and also you’re done. But in order to obtain that additional volume on optimal, you will definitely require a teasing comb. It’s a great principle to tease the ago of your head and likewise wear you are going to lay the headband. This will make your hair less smooth, so the extensions remain in area for all day wear. It will certainly also assist to cover the headband, so no one knows your secret!

Make it Match!

To make your extensions blend in better, add a little shine serum to your hair prior to applying the strands. This will make your hair look super soft and silky, which will certainly complement the extensions perfectly! I really choose Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum

. It penetprices deep into the hair, makes it smooth, and cuts down on drying time.


Turn Them Upside Down!

If you are using extensions with clips, then area them n the direction your hair will certainly be going. If you’ll be rocking a ponytail or updo, then area the clips upward. They will certainly go the same means as the hair then and look super natural. It will feel weird and look weird if you location them the other way. My favorite clip-in extensions are from Luxy Hair. They feel organic and are so smooth and also silky.

Length is Crucial!

Make certain your extensions are just slightly much longer then your hair or at the exact same level. If they are as well lengthy, they don’t look excellent. You have to blfinish them well to have longer extensions. You can attempt layering them yourself or even go into a salon and also they will certainly execute it for you. I favor cutting them myself because I know what looks ideal in my hair and also don’t have to concern about someone else cutting them as well short.

Go Au Naturale!

On a more day to day basis, you have the right to still wear extensions for a tranquil look. Make sure you wet them the night prior to and let them air dry. This will certainly remove some of the shine, and give you a much more natural look. You deserve to additionally usage foam rollers to offer a nice lose wave to the extensions for a more natural beachy look.

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Secret 1

Wash and shampoo your hair. Unprefer many kind of updoes, it is even more useful to have actually clean hair as soon as attempting to produce the perfect pony. It additionally helps if your hair is wet so that the rubber band holds tighter and also keeps those wispy pieces dvery own.

Secret 2

Prevent a baggy pony by putting your head earlier. This will certainly offer location organic tension on the rubber band also and also assist it to leave your hair via a smooth and finimelted polish.

Secret 3

For that super lengthy ponytail that we all dream of, pick yourself up some tensions. If you don’t already have some, these would be my suggestions. Secret Expansions are extremely low maintenance and take seconds to put in. Luxy hair has actually super excellent top quality, but is a little pricier and takes even more time to put in, but absolutely worth it.

Secret 4

Find the perfect height for your ponytail by illustration an invisible line from the direction of your jaw line to the earlier of your head. That level is wright here your pony will certainly be most flattering.

Secret 5

Straight hair renders for the perfect pony. So, be certain to blow your hair out straight with a round brush. That method it still has actually some volume on top, yet will be super smooth and silky throughout the remainder of your head. I usage the Brushlab Jumbo Hair Brush

 because it functions excellent and my hair constantly feels silky after that. Plus, it’s favor the best round brush out there!

Secret 6

Placement is everything! Your perfect placement is dependent on your hair form. Thinner hair is finest put lower on the head. This will flatter the jaw line and look ideal. Thicker hair functions ideal greater up on the head. It will create the perfect looking cheekbones (along with a tiny blush).

Secret 7

Pull a piece of hair from the ponytail and also flawlessly wrap it roughly the pony. This will certainly offer you a seamless and also classical look in the quickest way possible!

Secret 8

Use friendly elastic to secure your pony. Never before use any kind of rubber bands with no special coating. These will certainly rip your hair out upon removal and also, of course, really hurt! Blax Hair Elastics are seriously the finest and also they won’t leave your hair damaged.

I have actually been trying to grow my hair out for months, however nothing appears to be functioning. I tried pills, I tried unique shampoos and also conditioners, and I also tried out all of those Pinteremainder tips for hair development that I observed. Still, nothing worked!

So, I decided to cave and also obtain my initially pair of extensions. I ordered Secret Extensions by Daisy Fuentes. I waited for them to come and also the day that they got tbelow I was so excited! I opened them and was so happy bereason they matched my hair perfectly. I was happy that I gained 2 because they are a small thin, yet they were perfect via 2.

My Secret Extensions matched so well and also blended perfectly. I am so glad that I finally tried extensions! I am going to gain a lighter shade as well to try and see if I can accomplish an ombre look with them. I would definitely recommfinish these as a good first pair of extensions! I think that they had the majority of hair shades to select from and also they were blended well enough to match any hair.

Order Your Own Secret Extensions Here!

I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please comment listed below and also let me recognize what you think of Secret Extensions. I’d additionally be more then happy to answer any kind of inquiries.

This is a great video to display you simply just how well Secret Extensions occupational, and also exactly how quickly they blend. They certainly made her hair look great! They really take no time to put in and I couldn’t think of a much easier method to carry out your hair faster in the mornings!

Secret Extensions are an as checked out on TV product that I was cynical about, yet after watching many type of tutorials and also analysis many kind of reviews I took a chance and bought 2 sets and also I am so glad that I made this purchase!

Learn even more About Secret Extensions Here!


I love love love my Secret Extensions! When I initially ordered, I got a color that perfectly matches my hair because I wanted to make certain that they matched and that I favored them. I ultimately received them and also they were perfect. I ordered the Brown-Black Secret Expansions bereason I thought that they would complement best…which they did!

They took awhile to ship to me which was sort of annoying, however that was the just genuine issue I had. When I acquired them, they were wrapped in adorable packaging and also they were precisely what I was expecting.

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After obtaining that pair, I observed this photo of a girl with ombre ones and I had actually to try it!! I purchased just a few shades lighter and also it turned out perfectly! I didn’t desire to dye it, so ombre extensions were the perfect concept. I will absolutely post photos quickly when my brand-new camera comes so that everyone can watch what they look like!

They come in so many type of colors that I know you will have the ability to uncover your perfect shade! Mine was pretty straightforward though because my hair is so dark. I would certainly definitely suggest purchasing if you have constantly wanted to attempt extensions, yet believed they were to expensive. These are great top quality for a great price.