Quest Type: Story (Beyond Light)Quest Location: EuropaQuest Duration: 10-15 Minutes

The Exo Stranger has arrived and is providing a Splinter of Darkness to you which you will should endure and also Attune power for it.

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You will certainly have to take the Splinter of Darkness and usage it to grasp the Stasis power by taking it to the monolithic Ziggurat in Europa.

Once you have actually Attuned the Splinter of Darkness, you will certainly have the ability to acquire a taste of the power of Stasis and view just how it truly functions.

Quest Objectives

Attune The Splinter of Darkness in the Ziggurat in Beyond

The place of the Ziggurat will not be far and you will need to head over to its area after receiving the search from the Exo Stranger.

It will certainly be faster to travel on your automobile to conserve time as tright here is fairly some distance from where you and the Exo are heading to the Ziggurat.


Interact through the Ziggurat once you arrive to prepare the Splinter of Darkness for attunement, which will certainly be done later at Nexus.

After communicating through the Ziggurat, you will must find the location of a Crux of Darkness to Attune the Splinter of Darkness.

Commune With a Crux of Darkness in Nexus


Head earlier to Charon’s Crossing by rapid traveling or riding your vehicle and make your means towards Nexus which is marked by a waypoint.

Approach the Crux of Darkness and communicate via it, bring about you to surge through Stasis power and have a seemingly unlimited supply of it.

Start killing as many kind of opponents as you deserve to until the location is clear and also afterward you may interact with the Crux of Darkness to complete the communion.

Secure Locked Nearby Chest in Nexus


Follow the waysuggest resulting in the locked chest which is initially blocked by a barrier that you deserve to communicate through (it will certainly be lugged dvery own as you are charged with Stasis) to take dvery own.

Sheight With Variks

Once you have actually looted the chest, head earlier and also sheight to Variks, that will certainly share some negative comments around your newuncovered power.

After speaking via Variks, the search will certainly be finish and you will certainly be able to continue through various other development work.


This is an arrival to the power you deserve to usage through the brand-new Stasis course in Destiny 2, obtainable through the Beyond Light DLC.You will need to defeat all the adversaries in Nexus before you have the right to finish the communion and progress even more.It is okay if you die during the attuning of the Splinter of Darkness as respawning is not restricted.


You have acquired the Splinter of Darkness from The Exo Stranger and also have attuned it, unlocking its powers for you to usage.

While Variks does not have any kind of liking for this newuncovered power, he still says you take your brand-new power and also use it against Phylaks.

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With this new power, you may have the ability to foil Eramis’s plans and put a soptimal to future catastrophic events, saving the Eliksni in the process.