(remembers 3rd perkid present) (remembering current participle) (remembered previous tense & past participle )

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1  verb If you remember human being or occasions from the past, you still have actually an concept of them in your mind and also you are able to think about them. You wouldn"t remember me. I was in one more team...  V n/-ing I definitely don"t remember talking to you at all...  V n/-ing I remembered that we had actually drunk the last of the coffee the week prior to...  V that I deserve to remember where and once I bought each one...  V wh I offered to do that once you were a tiny girl, remember?  V 
2  verb 
If you remember that somepoint is the instance, you end up being aware of it aobtain after a time as soon as you did not think about it. She remembered that she was going to the social club that evening...  V that Then I remembered the cheque, which cheered me up.  V n 
3  verb 
If you cannot remember somepoint, you are not able to lug it ago into your mind once you make an initiative to carry out so. usu via brd-neg If you can"t remember your number, create it in code in a diary...  V n/-ing I can not remember what I shelp...  V wh Don"t tell me you can not remember.  V 
4  verb 
If you rememberto perform something, you carry out it when you intfinish to., (Antonym: forget) Please remember to enclose a stamped addressed envelope once writing.  V to-inf 
5  verb You tell someone to rememberthat somepoint is the instance once you want to emphasize its prominence. It may be somepoint that they currently recognize around or a brand-new piece of information., (emphasis) It is essential to remember that each perboy reacts in different ways...  V that It need to be remembered that this loss of regulate have the right to never be regot.  it modal be V-ed that 
6  verb 
If you say that someone will certainly be remembered for something that they have done, you expect that civilization will certainly think of this whenever before they think around the perkid. usu passive At his grammar institution he is remembered for being poor at games...  be V-ed for n/-ing He will constantly be remembered as among the excellent Chancellors of the Exchequer.  be V-ed as n 
7  verb 
If you ask someone to remember you to a person that you have not seen for a lengthy time, you are asking them to pass your greetings on to that perboy. no cont, usu imper `Remember me to Lyle, won"t you?" I sassist...  V n to n 
8  verb 
If you make a celebration an occasion toremember, you make it exceptionally enjoyable for all the civilization involved. only to-inf We"ll offer everyone a night to remember...  V 

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