Placed That Cookie Down is an exploitable soundbite taken from a peculiar scene in Jingle All the Way, the 1996 holiday comedy film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as a "household man". Double-contrasted by the actor"s well-known functions in one-guy action films and present position as the Governor of California, Arnold"s utterance of "Placed That Cookie Down" ended up being the topic of parodies and mash-up videos on YTMND and also YouTube.

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Jingle All the Way is a Christmas family members movie starring famous actor Arnold Schwarzenegger as Howard, a workaholic father struggling to appease his family members for the holiday season. While running approximately tvery own to uncover the perfect Christmas gift for his son, Howard (Arnold Schwarznegger) finds out his overly friendly neighbor Ted (Phil Hartman) is hanging out at Howard"s house via his wife, eating fresh baked cookies. A funny conversation around cookies easily ensues:

Y.T.M.N.D: Arnold"s Cookies

In early 2005, a variety of YTMND mash-ups began to emerge, portraying Arnold Schwarzenegger with a raging crave for cookies making use of assorted footage and also quotable soundbites from his severe activity movies. At initially, parodies mostly associated the expression "Who told you you might eat my cookies" from the movie, however later on mutated right into a bigger story including any kind of well known personalities played by Arnold and his obsession via his cookies.

Following this trfinish, 2 YTMND instances were produced in 2006, particularly named after the "Put that cookie down" catchphrase:

YouTube Re-enactments & Parodies & YouTube Poop Remixes

At the very same time, some Youtube re-enactements and also parodies have the right to be seen founding in 2007:

Musical mixes: Swede Mason

In february 2008, british Youtube user swedemachild, most famed for his remix MasterChef synesthesia, uploaded his musical creation from the meme, Named "Jungle All The Way". A second much better version was made the adhering to year:

This version obtained well-known pretty quickly, and was additionally used by the Nostalgia Critic for his Schwarzenegger month, the first usage being for his "Last activity hero" testimonial from July 2009 Which assisted spreview it even even more.





Nyan Cat artist PRguitarguy released his latest remix featuring a dog wrapped about a taco shell, collection to the song "Mexideserve to Hat Dance" by Arriba Brothers. Enjoy!

This rage comic character provided to mock boastful condition updays features a drawing of astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.

At last night"s GOP presidential dispute in Michigan, Texas governor Rick Perry recharacterized the interpretation of controversy FAIL that was as soon as collection forth by his predecessor. Check in for the latest jokes!

In VFX professional Freddie Wong"s latest video, a woguy massacres a sheat of Minecraft Creepers after being blown up while transporting every one of her diamond gear.

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