Taxonomy is the scientific research of exactly how living things are grouped together. Anvarious other name often supplied for taxonomy is classification.

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Scientists who research taxonomy are called taxonomists. The Greek scientist, Aristotle (384-322 B.C.), was one of the first scientist to organize living things, hence among other points he studied, Aristotle was a taxonomist.

Aristotle developed the first classification mechanism, which split all well-known organisms into 2 groups:


Aristotle then divided each of these major groups right into three smaller sized groups.

Animal Subgroups: Land also, Water, AirPlant Subgroups: Small, Medium, Large

Aristotle’s classification system was not very excellent. There were as well many organisms that didn’t fit. For example, frogs are born in water and have gills like fish, yet as soon as they flourish up they have lungs and also have the right to live on land also. So how would Aristotle classify frogs? In Aristotle’s classification system, birds, bats, and also flying insects were grouped together even though they have bit in widespread other than they can fly. But the penguin is a bird that cannot fly. So Aristotle would certainly not have actually classified them as birds.

Classification ranking from the biggest to the least variety of organisms.

Even with the many kind of troubles of Aristotle’s limited classification system, it was provided for nearly 2000 years until it was replaced in the 1700s by the Swedish biologist, Carolus Linnaeus (1707-1778).

Linnaeus, choose Aristotle, classified organisms according to their traits. The classification devices of both Aristotle and also Linnaeus began via the very same two groups: Plants and Animals. Linnaeus dubbed these groups, kingdoms. But, unchoose Aristotle, Linnaeus split kingdom right into five levels: class, order, genus, species, and also range. Organisms were inserted in these levels based upon traits, including similarities of body parts , physical develop such as dimension, form, and also approaches of getting food.

Linnaeus is well-known as the father of taxonomy. In addition to his broadening the classification device, he establiburned a straightforward means of naming each species. This is called a binomial naming mechanism and also it has two components. The first part of the species name identifies the genus to which the species belongs; the second component identifies the species within the genus.

For instance, people belengthy to the genus Homo and also within this genus to the species sapiens, hence the two-component species name for humans is Humankind. The genus name is capitalized and also each name is created in italics.


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Ecology is the study of the behavior of living points in their herbal surroundings and also how they influence each various other.