The WNBA . . . has the very same rules as the NBA. Open locker rooms at designated times. In the NCAA tournament, the very same rules govern both guys and women’s locker rooms — they’re both open at certain times. During the regular season, NCAA establishments deserve to make their own rules about locker room availcapability, but throughout the tournament the NCAA has actually a unidevelop policy. When Stanford played UConn in last April’s championship, if you wanted to view exactly how devadeclared Jayne Appel was after her devastating shooting night, you needed to be in the locker room. I was tbelow. So were my male colleagues.

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One of my desires in life is to end up being an NWSL locker room reporter and also face many kind of, many kind of occurrences of sex-related harassment.

Why would I be afrhelp to ask Acie, if a male sports journalist would certainly seriously desire to cover the WNBA??? I"m sure tbelow are the majority of previous basketball players, through daughters, that are good at basketround. It still does not suppose the WNBA is a good product.

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Have you been? I"ll admit, I"m a basketround junkie, and I"m a little different.My initially arranged basketround endure was practicing with the Bradley women"s team as a fifth grader. So that"s distinct. I went on to play college basketround.In college I had actually friends and also more-than-friends on the women"s basketsphere, volleysphere and also soccer teams. This aided get me to the "non-revenue" sporting activities even more than most.Post-college I helped with the WNBA and also NBA G League rebrands. I attfinished a ton of WNBA games and methods, got to satisfy lot of players, spend time with them in the gym and also behind the scenes. I deserve to tell you the womales work-related at the game simply as difficult (in many type of situations harder) at the game as the males, and for pennies on the dollar. This pay disparity is noteworthy for me because to do what they perform for what they make, they should LOVE the game. This, to me, is what endears me to the WNBA "product".As I go back to a couple of times a year for a footround game or 2, a basketround game or 2, more and also more every year I"m left feeling like the game(s) have actually come to be also monetized, also corporate-feeling, also removed from the remainder of the "normal" student experience. When I practiced at as a grey teamer, Dr. Tom"s gym was complete of civilization because the practices were open to the public. People can simply walk in and watch, and also they did. So there would certainly be some basketround geek students, some retirees, some alum visitors, who knows that else. Some random prof can be running stairs. Now? Hell no not this day. I digress a tiny. The games, the game experience, appears stale, corpoprice, top-dvery own experiential. Anymethods, currently once I visit I constantly try to catch a women"s basketsphere, volleyround, baseround, softround, field hocessential and/or soccer game. I reap them just as a lot, albeit for various factors, than the footround or men"s basketround games.WNBA games, as much as skilled sports, feel the opposite. The fans are awesome, more responsible for the game fan suffer than any type of scripted, choreographed deal you"ll get at an NBA game. The players are openly appreciative, no aloofness, namong the stuff that turns human being off of the "spoiled brat" male pro athlete. Sure, the game is various. It"s not as fluid or athletic, however if you really love the game, the standard abilities, ball-movement, player-activity, five players totally committed to each various other on the floor, salso even more just the exact same prepared to add off the bench, then the WNBA deserves a tad even more respect, and also probably even a ticket order.We"re doubtful of the guys being "student-athletes". Check the women"s team GPA. Typically speaking, I bet it"s about 3.0.I"m not saying it"s for everybody. But if you offer it a chance, it could surpclimb you. It"s straightforward to "pilon", right? Go to a game, sit close.