Aptio setup utility dell inspiron


You deserve to upfill images for free (also in bulk) to IMGCUR.comOnce uploaded must end in a distinctive URL address; which u could then share.No exreadjust of infos needed; and so on..Forobtained to ask; what is the full model# of the laptop?As then I can review the PDF manual for that and look even more right into this booting energy it came with. Or more conveniently uncover out even more about it.You sassist Lapheight is ASUS X502CAOn the under-side of the lappeak should be a sticker; find "X502CA" and also there have to be an extra set after this, which would help substantially.For example; "X502CA--BCL0901D"
You can upload images for cost-free (even in bulk) to IMGCUR.comOnce uploaded have to finish in a distinct URL address; which u could then share.No exchange of infos needed; and so on..Forgained to ask; what is the complete brand also name and also model# of the laptop?As then I deserve to review the PDF hands-on for that and look even more into this booting energy it came with. Or more quickly uncover out more about it. I believe you had currently asked for it: It is an Asus lapoptimal ver: X502CA ---- Model #:ATHEROS/AR5B125
Sorry I edited my post; wording was all wrong in some situations... I apologize. X502CA is a "general model" there should be more to that on the mechanism sticker, which further narrows dvery own to a more specify model, which is most-beneficial.It"s favor saying "I have actually a Dell Inspiron 15" This alone doesn"t help; the exact version is what would certainly be needed, as the complete version narrows down (year of release, specs, and so on..)
www.imgcur.com/upload/9df97dd.jpg This is what it"s loaded as much as, prior to and after entering the flash drive.

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That is the BIOS screen; so what is that utility u sheight of? That"s kinda what I wanted to watch.Ok the BIOS as displayed, go to Boot area at peak and also check out what that states.It should be quite straight-forward just how to boot to a different device; if that gadget is in-fact bootable. Maybe your frifinish who made the flash drive backup for you can provide some on-site assistance.Here is your lapoptimal manual in English if u require it.http://dlcdnet.asus.com/pub/ASUS/nb/X402CA/E_eManual_X402CA_X502CA_VER7847.pdfShould be view-able on Phone tools without any kind of additional software application.
Disable Launch CSMThen go to "Add Boot Options" It"s currently disabled, and I don"t check out any "include boot options".

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Yes go to Add and push Enter; tbelow have to be an choice based on already associated bootable devices; as only those deserve to present there. You must view options within tbelow, to include as a bootable option.The means this BIOS is, just 1 boot loader or tool can be active at any given time.I guess to prevent accidental booting to others connected, such as Optical or USB; that could, upon connecting, come up somejust how as the first boot device. So this approach of "add boot" and "delete boot" is what u need to carry out to adjust the boot tool.
Ok that IS VERY strange; as Add Boot Option must be listed; and also that is the only means to add your HDD/OS to be a boot device.I check out your screen is different from what I view in the hands-on, so bare with me.Can u go to "Save & Exit" tabTbelow should be options such as "Rekeep Defaults" deserve to u please do that one by highlighting it and press Go into key; after reclaim defaults, go to "save changes & exit" alternative and also press enter; after which it will certainly be saved and the system will reboot; after that re-enter the BIOS and re-check all the tabs / options.

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