Apple watch friends not working

Do you love the friendly competition developed by sharing your Apple Watch Activity development through your friends and family? I know I do! Well, once it functions that is.

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Since you are here, I imagine you are in search of a method to deal with Activity sharing bereason, for one factor or one more, you and also your contacts are no longer synching up (or perhaps you can’t even accept their invite).

Whatever trouble you are having actually via the Activity app not sharing effectively from your Apple Watch to your friends, we are right here to help!

What will be covered in this post:

Unable To Add A Friend To Activity SharingUnable to Remove Frifinish From Activity Sharing“User should own and be using an Apple Watch” ErrorActivity App Only Sharing One Users Daily ActivitySharing Only Showing “Me” and Not My Friends

If you are having trouble through your Activity App Not Updating we’ve acquired it spanned in one more overview.

How The Activity App Can Share Your Activity With Friends And Family

The Activity app on your Apple Watch is like a fitness tracker.

When you wear the gadget on your wrist, it will start tracking how much you“relocate, exercise, and also standfrom day to day.”

The best component, every one of this is done immediately as lengthy as you wear the Apple Watch throughout the day.

The coolest thing around your Activity application is that you have the right to share your task information via other world.

These include friends, family members, or anyone in the human being as long as they meet the adhering to requirements:

Have their number under your Contacts listHave an Apple Watch themselves

When you affix through someone on the Activity App, fitness information will certainly be shared both means.

You’ll be able to check out their daily stats and also they will have the ability to see yours. Talk about motivation!

You don’t want to be seen slacking off while your ideal friend is gaining every one of her rings eextremely day.

For those of you who are really competitive, you deserve to also erected 7-day competitions to watch who deserve to acquire the most points by filling their Activity rings.

The one with the most points wins.

As lengthy as the app is syncing appropriately, I uncover it incredibly motivating to acquire up and also relocate roughly throughout the day.

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Unfortunately, tright here are times when I am trying to find a way to fix Activity Sharing so we are all on the very same web page.

If your Activity Sharing has stopped functioning freshly, be certain to check out below as we share our solutions to the many common Activity Sharing errors.

Unable To Add A Friend To Activity Sharing

The initially action to sharing your fitness activity through your iPhone contacts is to send them an invitation to Share Activity via you.

In order for you and also your friend to share fitness task through each various other you BOTH need to have actually an Apple Watch.

Your friend also hregarding be listed as a call on your phone.

So, if you text without adding their phone number, you won’t be able to include them and also share task.

Easy Fix! Add them as a call by conserving their name and also number in your iPhone’s contacts.

One of our readers couldn’t send a request to his frifinish.

If you have actually the exact same trouble, you more than likely observed a popup that states, “Tright here was an error sfinishing your Activity Sharing invitation. Try sending it again.”


For the most part, as soon as you pick “OK” and re-send the invitation, it have to go through.

However, if your iPhone still prompts that message, then attempt this.

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First, examine to make certain you have the latest software installed:

Upgrade to the latest watchOS 5 versionMake certain you are on the latest iOS variation 13

If your software is approximately day, try this:

Unpair the Apple Watch and iPhone and also then sync them again

After these measures, your friends should have the ability to see your invitation in their Activity app.

If not, they could actually must finish the procedures over and make certain they are running the latest iOS for their Apple Watch and iPhone!

Sometimes the trouble is not on your side at all