Apple tv photo cache

I freshly purchased a third Generation Apple TV and also a 22″ Samsung 1080P LED-backlit LCD TV to act as a digital photo structure for my residence. I thought I’d discovered the perfect setup bereason Samsung TVs have actually 3 separate timers to revolve the TV on and also off, so it would certainly only be on once we are residence (morning and also evenings throughout the week, throughout the day on the weekends.) I have actually over 10,000 photos in my Aperture library, and also I was looking forward to seeing them rather them just sitting on my computer.

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After going through the Apple setup instructions on my Mac (in iTunes, go the Advanced menu and also pick Choose Photos to Share… and select either iPicture or Aperture library) and also on my Apple TV (Settings > General > Screensaver), I was viewing photos. My first impression was extremely positive. The Ken Burns effect I’d schosen was beautiful and also the images progressively zoomed in and out through perfect fluidity. It wasn’t until a pair of hours later on that I noticed *the problem*.

The Problem is that, of the 10,000+ photos on my computer system, just a pair of hundred of them are ever before presented by the screensaver. You start seeing repeats pretty conveniently. When I pick my Aperture Picture Library to be the screensaver, I intend to gain my whole Aperture Photograph Library. Especially as soon as the Apple Setup instructions show a library containing 11,535 photos.

The trouble lies with exactly how the Apple TV (Gen 2 and also Gen 3) handles the screensaver photos. It caches a subcollection of the photos in the small interior flash storage and then cycles through this cache. It never connects earlier to the iTunes hold for more photos. Ideally, the screen saver would certainly stream the whole photo library from the organize computer system, simply as it does for music and also video. It’s a streaming tool after all. It would be OK to revert to cache if the iTunes computer isn’t accessible, however it need to switch back to streaming the whole library as soon as once it is.

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I wasn’t surprised to discover that tbelow are many kind of others having actually the very same trouble. I was surprised to discover that it was initially reported on the Apple Support Communities in October, 2010. Apple hasn’t recognized the trouble, various other than supposedly deleting a poll asking various other users if they also had actually the trouble. It’s a deal with that would be basic for Apple to implement, but for currently, it appears that I need to resume my search for the ideal digital photo structure, which may involve using a Gen 1 Apple TV instead.

Update: Here’s a potential solution posted by Patch in the comments:

I’ve been in search of this for eras, and found a means.

In Screensaver settings, under Choose Photos, select the computer system that’s got Home Sharing turned on; then click photos. Worked for me.

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Another alternative I was playing with was to create a smart album where event name did not equal ; then use that folder (which would contain all photos / events) to be the album through the screensaver pictures. But I don’t need to check out that alternative currently.