Apple mail junk folder missing

The overhauled macOS 11 Big Sur attracts a large variety of willing mechanism upgrades, while early on adopters may run into teething concerns, specifically, troubles in Mac Mail. It includes Trash and Junk folder lacking from the Mail sidebar and also other so-referred to as Mail "bugs".

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Think you lose them forever? Maybe not. Before you go mad at not being able to uncover the folder or emails, inspect the 4 widespread Mail concerns in macOS Big Sur. Maybe you can retrieve those lacking folders and also mailboxes in macOS Big Sur.

Trash, Junk, or various other folders not getting here in Mail Archived mails absent after macOS Big Sur update Deleted emails not showing up in Trash folder Mail flags not working in macOS Big Sur

Here is just how to resolve these Mail "bugs" in macOS Big Sur.

Find lacking Trash, Junk, or other folders in Mail

The Trash folder in Mail internet browser is wright here deleted emails are stored, and also the Junk folder keeps us ameans from annoying spam messeras. Both are vital as soon as you want a 2nd chance to recuperate deleted emails, and also once you want to examine if some emails are mistaken as spam.

If you can not check out Trash or Junk folder in the Mail sidebar in macOS Big Sur, examine out these approaches to make them present up in your Favorites.

Method 1: Manually include All Trash and also All Junk to Mail Favorites

1. Find the plain text Favorites and float your computer mouse over it.2. Click the Add (+) switch as soon as you see a circle symbol via a plus sign.
3. A pop-up will certainly permits you to select a mailbox to include.
4. Select All Trash, All Junk, or whatever before you"d choose to include from the drop-dvery own food selection.5. Click OK and the folder will certainly display up under Favorites.

Method 2: Drag the Junk Folder to Mial Favorites in macOS Big Sur

1. Scroll down the sidebar to the bottom and also you"ll check out plenty of mailboxes, consisting of the Inbox, Sent, Junk, Trash, and the Archive.2. Find the Junk Folder, drag and put it under the Favorites section.

Method 3: Create a smart album in Mac Mail

1. Find the plain text Smart Mailboxes in the left sidebar.2. Hover your mouse over Smart Mailboxes until you view the Add icon.3. Name this album and inspect the filters as the photo mirrors up:
4. Click OK to add this under Smart Mailboxes, which will certainly contain all trash emails you receive.5. You deserve to drag and ararray this album at the optimal of this area if you want to.

Recover Missing Archived mailboxes after macOS Big Sur update

Another Mac mail problem you might encounter after a new macOS update is that, all of the archived emails or custom mailboxes are gone. But Apple won"t allow that disastrous user suffer.

Many of the time, Mac mail will immediately downfill your previous mails from the server after upday. But if it"s not, you deserve to try the complying with solution to recuperate disshowed up emails.

Method 1: Import Previous Archived mails from your Mac

1. Open the Finder and also click Go at the left height corner.2. Select Go to Folder from the conmessage menu.3. Type in ~/Library/Mail/ and also click go to open up this folder.4. In the Mail folder, you"ll view multiple folders that are named after V through a number. It"s the backup versions.
5. Choose the latest V folder and also check if your missing emails are tbelow. If so, copy this V folder to the desktop.6. Open the Mac mail, select File in the upper left.7. Click on Import Mailboxes, choose Apple Mail, and choose the V folder from your desktop.

Then your formerly archived will certainly be reextended.

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Note: If you have backed up your Mac Mail prior to updating, this trick will certainly also job-related if you pick Time Machine backup (the Receipts.mbox folder) as a resource to import mailbox.

Fix Deleted emails not appearing in Trash folder in macOS Big Sur

As it was put before, the deleted emails will remain in the Trash folder unmuch less you erased the deleted items. However, chances are that the emails deleted from the Inbox might not show up in Trash folder as you suppose. Does it mean you deleted them from the server permanently?

Well, let"s first inspect if you really have actually collection the deleted email retrievable in Mac Mail.

1. Open Mail and click on the Mail choice from the upper left edge.2. Select Precommendations and click on the View tab.3. Choose Trash after the relocate discarded messeras alternative.

Deleted emails will not show up in Trash folder if this function is not allowed. But if you make sure you have actually set it effectively, then you should try these tricks:

1. List All Trash folder under your Favorites area and check the deleted records in its subfolder.2. Try to click "Move To" Trash or drag the undesirable emails to Trash, fairly than Delete.3. Search for "Trash" and pick the Trash folder adhering to through the account name that you delete emails from.

If none of them carry the deleted emails back, the emails can have been deleted from the server. Then, you should use an email recovery software program, prefer File Recoincredibly for Mac, to recoup the deleted emails.

How to recover deleted emails in macOS Big Sur?

If unfortunately, your emails have been rerelocated from your Mac and also tbelow is no backas much as reclaim them, Data Recovery for Mac can be a solution. Data Recoexceptionally for Mac is an effective email recoextremely software program for Mac, which recovers deleted or relocated emails in macOS 11 Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave, and also older Mac OS X.

1. Downfill File Recoincredibly for Mac on your computer, and also then restart the Mac.2. Launch this email recovery software application and also pick the Macintosh - Data (or macOS Data) volume from the list.
3. Click Shave the right to to search for deleted emails on this volume.4. Select the wanted email papers, and also ptestimonial it to make sure it"s recoverable.
5. Click Recover to acquire the deleted emails earlier.

Fix Mail flags not working in macOS Big Sur

You understand how crucial it is to sort emails, while individuals that are newly in macOS 11 might gain right into trouble in flagging emails.

If you can"t flag emails in macOS Big Sur, right here is what you can do:

1. Open Mail, click on View at the top left, and choose Use Column Layout.2. Placed the cursor on Subjects and also right-click to examine Flags.
3. Then you"ll have the ability to flag emails in macOS Big Sur.

If this trick is not working, you must redevelop the Mail application. Also, you deserve to upday the device to the latest variation, which will certainly settle recognized concerns in Big Sur.

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Mac Mail Junk folder and also Trash folder lacking are encountered by many kind of customers. But rather of taking it as a file loss or a software bug in macOS Big Sur, you may desire to first acquire familiar through the brand-new attributes in Mac Mail.