Apple id expired

kindly require your support please as my id is expired and i want to activate my iphone 6 so please what can i execute to activate my id

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What perform you expect by expired? IDs don't expire. Disabled or locked?

If this is in the iTunes/App Store, view the third attach.

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If your ID is locked or disabled - Support.

If you have adjusted your ID or password, have you followed the measures in this article?

What to execute after you readjust your ID or password - Support.

If you watch a message that says 'Your account has actually been disabled in the App Store and iTunes' - Support.

If important, contact iTunes Support. See the Support articles below for contact information.

iTunes Support – world wide Support schedule phone call

If crucial, try Twitter People have posted it may take an hour or more to get an answer.

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Jun 20, 2020 1:45 PM

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Is your phone activation locked. If yes, see Turn off Activation Lock All possibilities related to iPhones, iPads, and also iPods are extended here other than the instance of inheritance.


If you are the original owner: If you have iOS 11 or later and your account is protected through two-element authentication, use acquire help via a forgotten passcode or disabled device to recoup your passcode. Otherwise, use forgot your ID or your ID password to recuperate the required credential(s). If you can’t recuperate the required credential(s), contact Support and also present your original purchase receipt for your gadget from an authorized seller via the device’s serial number on it. You’ll need a photo ID too.

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If you deserve to perform neither, then the device is useless to you.


If you gained your tool second hand, you generally will certainly need to achieve the required password from the perchild that last collection it up. If you can’t achieve it, in the rare situation your tool came activation locked from an authorized seller, then contact Support and present your original purchase receipt for your tool through the device’s serial number on it. You’ll need a photo ID too. If you can do neither, then the tool is useless to you.


In either instance, you have the right to use the argued support alternatives listed below if you have the necessary receipt. Conversely, if an Store is open in your area, then you can go there to resolve your difficulty. In this case, you have the right to make a genius-bar appointment ( if you desire.

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Get a speak to from assistance to help fix your problem utilizing this

link ID Support ID account defense for country-particular andregion-specific help


Get Support: We’re here to help Go with the options to find the finest assistance alternative.