Apple error code 5105

Are you trying to purchase music or movies on the iTunes Store but you’re greeted via an iTunes error 5105 on Windows “Your Research Cannot Be Processed”?

iTunes is a software provided by Apple for iOS users to manage their tools. The application enables you to develop backups, share files, and gain back previous backups to your device. However, just like any kind of application, iTunes also encounters different problems and also worries as soon as in a while.

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One of the a lot of widespread problems with iTunes is the error code 5105 “Your Research Cannot Be Processed” on Windows operating device. Lucky for you, this sort of trouble can be quickly solved by doing a pair of troubleshooting approaches. 

Today, we are going to present you a few techniques on how you deserve to possibly fix this specific problem on computers running on Windows devices. 

Let’s begin.

1. Run iTunes as Administrator. 

The the majority of prevalent cause of code error 5105 on Windows is the lack of privileges on iTunes. It cannot accessibility the storage of your computer to keep your downloaded documents. 

You can resolve this by running the iTunes application as an administrator that bypasses all governmental constraints on your computer system. 

Check out the measures below to overview you on the procedure. 

On your Windows computer system, go to the Desktop and also find the iTunes app.Next, right-click on the iTunes app and also choose the Run as an Administrator option from the pop-up food selection.


Lastly, a prompt will appear on the screen asking you if you want to allow the iTunes app to make alters on your gadget. Click on Yes.

Now, try to download a pair of music or movies on the iTunes Store to verify if running the application as an administrator fixed the worry. 

If running iTunes as an administrator did not job-related for you, try restarting the Bonjour service which is defined in detail listed below.

2. Rebegin the Bonjour Service.

The Bonjour company is an important component for iTunes to occupational appropriately. It allows the app to share music libraries, gadget information, and regulate documents from your iOS devices. Tbelow are instances wbelow the Bonjour business is at an unparticular state wright here it is neither opened up nor closed. 

To resolve this, you can rebegin the business making use of solutions.msc on Windows.

First, open your computer system. Then, push on Windows Key + R to launch the Run Command Box. Next, kind solutions.msc on the Run Command Box and also click on OK.


Now, this will certainly prompt the Windows Services Manager to open. Scroll down and uncover the Bonjour Service from the list. Lastly, right-click on Bonjour Service and also pick Restart.


After refounding Bonjour service on your computer system, open iTunes and also attempt to downpack any type of file on the iTunes Store to test if the code error 5105 on Windows is currently addressed. 

On the other hand, if you are still suffering difficulties with the iTunes application. You can continue to the next method below.

3. Repair the Bonjour Service. 

As stated over, the Bonjour service is an essential component for iTunes to work-related appropriately. If restarting the organization did not job-related for you, then it is likewise possible that the Bonjour business obtained corrupted throughout use or while updating the iTunes app. 

You have the right to attempt repairing the Bonjour business by doing the following steps:

On your Windows gadget, press on the Windows Key + S on your key-board and also search for the Control Panel.


Now, open up the Control Panel and also click Uninstall a Program.

After that, scroll down and discover the Bonjour Service application from the list. Lastly, right-click Bonjour and choose Repair to begin the process.


Now, wait for the repair to complete, then attempt to download a couple of papers on the iTunes Store to check if the error code 5105 on Windows is resolved.

4. Upday the iTunes App on Windows. 

Updating the iTunes to the latest version deserve to possibly fix existing bugs and also glitches via the present variation of the app. It is feasible that the iTunes application is having actually difficulties accessing Apple’s servers which reasons the “Your Repursuit Cannot Be Processed” error message on Windows. 

To update the app, you can continue to the step-by-action overview below.

On your computer, go to the Desktop and open the iTunes application.Next off, you will find a navigation menu at the optimal portion of the screen. Tap on Assistance.

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Lastly, tap on Check for Updates on the pop-up food selection.


Now, if an update is easily accessible it will be mounted to your computer automatically. After updating iTunes attempt to downfill a few videos and music from the iTunes Store to watch if the error 5105 message would certainly still show up. 

If updating the iTunes app did not fix the issue through iTunes error 5105 on Windows, you have the right to try reinstalling the application.

5. Reinstall the iTunes App. 

When the iTunes application is not functioning effectively, it is additionally feasible that some of its documents obtained corrupted while updating or in the time of use. You can try reinstalling the iTunes application to ensure that your computer has actually a fresh copy of the software application and also it is working effectively. 

To perform this, follow the steps below. 

On your Windows device, press on the Windows Key + S on your keyboard and search for Control Panel.Now, open up the Control Panel and also click on Uninstall a Program.

Scroll dvery own and also discover the iTunes app from the list of programs set up on your computer system. Next off, right-click iTunes and also click Uninstall.Lastly, wait for the downpack to finish, then install the iTunes application on your computer system. 

Now, open the iTunes application and try to downpack a few papers to inspect if reinstalling the app functioned in fixing the error code 5105 on Windows.

6. Authorize the PC or Device That You Are Using. 

Old gadgets that you no much longer use but are still associated to your iTunes account deserve to likewise reason the error 5105 on Windows. Eincredibly Apple ID is enabled to have actually up to 5 authorized tools to play DRM-Protected content. 

If you have actually over five authorized computers on your account, then it is feasible that the current gadget that you are utilizing is not yet authorized to play or downpack content from the iTunes Store.

To settle this, you have to authorize initially the current tool that you are utilizing. Check out the steps listed below to overview you via the procedure.

On your computer system, open the iTunes application and login via your Apple ID.Next off, click on the Accounts tab on the navigation menu situated at the top component of the display screen. Lastly, click on Authorize This Computer from the Accounts tab.


After authorizing the existing device that you are making use of, attempt to download some records from the iTunes Store to see if the error code would still appear. 

On the various other hand, if authorizing your computer still did not work to settle the problem on the iTunes app. You can attempt whitelisting the regime from your firewall.

7. Whitelist iTunes From Your Firewall. 

The iTunes error 5105 on Windows deserve to additionally be caused by your device firewall. 

If you’re on a Windows machine, the Windows Firewall that is built into your machine’s device have the right to reason interference via the iTunes application eincredibly time it accesses your computer’s internet link. This outcomes in an problem as the application is unable to appropriately interact through Apple’s servers. 

You can solve this by whitelisting the iTunes app from your computer’s firewall.

On your computer, push on Windows Key + R to open the Run Command Box. Next off, type regulate firewall.cpl and also click on OK. After that, tap on the Allow an App or Feature switch at the side menu of the Windows Defender Firewall.


Lastly, make sure that iTunes.MSI is noted checked from the list of apps allowed to interact via Windows Defender Firewall.

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After whitelisting the iTunes app from Windows Firewall, open up the app and also try to download a couple of documents from the iTunes Store to examine if the error code is already reresolved.

8. Install QuickTime Player. 

The last thing that you have the right to carry out to try and resolve this error on iTunes is by downloading the QuickTime player. If you are encountering the iTunes error 5105 on Windows particularly as soon as you downpack a movie or video from the iTunes Store, then it is feasible that you don’t have QuickTime Player set up on your computer. 

As it turns out, iTunes still relies on QuickTime infrastructure for certain work on the iTunes app, particularly with handling video files. 


To fix this you deserve to visit QuickTime’s main download web page and also try to install the player on your computer system. When downloading QuickTime make certain to obtain the latest version of the software program to stop even more problems occurring in the future. 

This sums up our guide on just how to settle iTunes error 5105 on Windows tools. If you know various other ways that can maybe help others in addressing this type of concern through the iTunes application, kindly share it in the comments area listed below and we would certainly be happy to offer you credit when this short article obtained updated.