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When users need to sync iPhone information, they sometimes discover the iTunes will not open on MacBook/PC with an iTunes error code 13014. However before, a lot of of them don"t understand just how to fix it. This post has all the efficient fixes to bring iTunes ago to normal.

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By Abby Poole to iTunes Troubleshooting Tips|Last updated on Mar. 6, 2019

"I attempt to open up iTunes on MacBook Pro and it claims "iTunes application might not be opened up. An unknown error occurred (13014)". I have rebegan the computer, unset up and remounted iTunes, and repaired it in the manage panel. Nopoint works!! Please help!"

Tbelow are depressed individuals on forums nagged by the same iTunes unrecognized error 13014 as soon as they must go to iTunes Store or sync information. You may see iTunes will not open on Mac/PC or the iPhone/iPad cannot be synced with the error codec 13014. Unfortunately, the main Apple fixes don"t seem to help. Because of this, we have actually searched high and low for efficient options and also gather together all the feasible fixes that have actually assisted customers. (Note: tright here fixes below also job-related to fix iTunes error 5000, 69 and also 13010)

Before we begin, make certain you have tried the following basic fixes:

* Quit and also restart iTunes

* Rebegin your computer system

* Update iTunes and even iOS to the latest version

* Unplug any peripheral gadgets and cables

* Disable any third-party protection software program

What to Do When You See iTunes Unwell-known Error 13014

1. Restart in Safe Mode

Though the fixes on Apple"s official web page do not work via the iTunes sync error, one user who has talked via Apple Chat shares a solution. To resolve his iTunes error code 13014, you need to restart your computer in Safe Mode, which will delete the cache documents.

On Mac:

* Start your Mac, then press and host the Change crucial immediately;

* When you watch the Apple logo on the display, release the Change key and also log in.

On Windows:

* Rerelocate any type of linked gadget from the computer system and restart;

* Press F8 crucial prior to the Windows logo design shows up (on Windows 10/8, you must push F8 or Shift+F8).

* Then select Safe Setting and also push Enter. Log in as an administrator if compelled.

2. Disable/delete the Genius folder

The Genius.itdb folder is a function presented in iTunes 8 to keep indevelopment of your iTunes library. It deserve to be the culprit to iTunes error 13014 will not open up Mac/PC occasionally when something wrong dameras the iTunes library. You deserve to turn it off or delete the folder if the iTunes 13014 worry continues.

To rotate off Genius: close iTunes complement and also that will certainly carry up the Genius window > select the disable choice in Genius and rebegin your computer system and also attempt again.

To delete Genius.itdb folder: go to iTunes library folder and find the file called "iTunes Library Genius.itdb.lock." > delete the file and empty the trash. Then rebegin your computer system and attempt again.

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3. Move the iTunes library folder

When you check out iTunes application can not be opened via iTunes unknown error 13014, you may check if the iTunes library is corrupted. You have the right to relocate the iTunes library to another location and also attempt again. Before that, make certain you have made a backup.

* Find the folder of iTunes library and also relocate it to another location favor the Desktop.

* Restart iTunes and it might ask you to produce a brand-new library or pick an existing one. Choose the new library.

* After that, relocate the original iTunes folder ago and also rearea the recently created one.

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4. Check the space

One point that many type of individuals may neglect yet can be the cause for iTunes error code 13014 in many kind of situations is the room of the tough drive. Sometimes the hard drive is also full that iTunes will not open up on Mac/PC. You have to inspect if the space of the hard drives that consists of the iTunes library is enough. Transfer or delete some papers from the tough drive and restart iTunes.

5. If the error proceeds, try an iTunes alternative

If the routine still won"t open on MacPublication or PC via the iTunes unrecognized error 13014, you might consider trying an iTunes alternative to sync or earlier up iPhone or iPad. In watch of the capabilities of iTunes, we recommfinish you MacX MediaTrans.

Ultimate Fix to Solve iTunes Error 13014 Once and for All

MacX MediaTrans is a one-click data transfer tool that functions simply favor iTunes. It will move and also earlier up photos, movies, videos, music, ringtones, iTunes purchases, and also other information between Mac/COMPUTER and also iPhone/iPad. With one click, you have the right to sync substantial information in a flash without relying on iTunes. Then you have the right to eliminate "iTunes will not open up unrecognized error 13014" on macOS or Windows. Its data moving speed is by far the fastest on the industry, about 8 secs to relocate 100 4k pictures.

FYI: the iTunes alternate additionally works as a HEIC photo converter, ringtone maker, music manager, iTunes DRM remover, media encryption software program, iPhone video converter, USB mounter and more. If you need any of these features, you have the right to downfill and attempt.


Step 1: Connect iPhone to the computer.

Connect your iPhone to the computer system via USB cable. And tap "Trust this computer" on your iPhone. Then downfill the software. Free downfill MacX MediaTrans on Mac Free downpack Windows version on PC

Step 2: Load your data. Here we will certainly take photo deliver as an instance to display you just how to move information between computer system and iDevices. Click "Photo Transfer" symbol on the primary interchallenge. Then you will certainly be brought to the window via all your pictures presented.


Tip 3: Transfer iPhone data To earlier iPhone photos to the computer, click "Select All" or choose the tarobtain imperiods and then click "Export" to carry iPhone information to Mac. If you desire to import new pictures to iDevice, click Add Picture and select the pictures from your computer system.


Tip 4: Start data sync.

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After you add or export the photos, click the significant blue Sync switch to use all the changes to the iDevice. If you have to ago up or move other media choose videos, music, ringtones, the steps are comparable to those above.

The Bottom Line

We will keep updating this article to include various other fixes that prove to be effective via iTunes unrecognized error 13014 on Mac and also PC. If you check out iTunes Error Code 5000, 69 and also 13010, you can additionally attempt the fixes above. You have the right to share your services on the forums to help others. If none of the fixes pointed out herein occupational for you, we also imply you contact Apple Support or send us emails through the email attend to below.

You iTunes still will not open up with the message "An unknown error developed (13014)", simply email us >>