Android volume changes by itself

Today I woke approximately no sound from my alarm yet my phone vibrating. Somejust how the alarm volume was collection to 0. Same thing randomly happens to media volume. Many of the moment it plays on complete volume yet periodically it randomly sets itself to 0. Anybody else suffer this?


It's been buggy given that release. I pointed this out and got downvoted to hell. And the sliders are so picky, takes fifty percent a dozen tries occasionally to get one to relocate. There's a difficulty with the reduced two (ring and alarm) affecting each various other randomly.

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Android Pie really makes me want to switch to iOS. Especially considering that the backup solution is entirely broken and also usemuch less.

I have noticed some volume fluctuations while streaming music over Bluetooth in the car, but have not taken the moment to really track it dvery own. It definitely started through the Pie upday though.

I may try Forobtaining and also Re-pairing the Bluetooth tool to see if that helps. I know that it assisted get the battery and percentage indicators to present up for a variety of tools.

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Anyone ever number this out? I have actually kind of the oppowebsite worry. I will have actually my phone muted on media throughout the day and then after a speak to or making use of bluetooth and also swapping back to play a game or something all of a sudden the speaker volume is turned up. Back in 8 I could swap between the different volume type apps without a problem, but 9 seems to be equalizing volume between them.

I am having the same trouble. From the multiple events that has actually been happening I can watch a pattern of reducing the volume during night to the lowest level over mute. This is very dangerous for me because my occupational transition is pretty irregular (waking up at 2 AM, 9 PM, 8 AM, 11 PM, etc) and tright here is a big threat of not listening to the alarm. It seems to me that they produced an "adaptive volume" function (just like the adaptive brightness) however did not fully imposed it nor announced it.

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daily prior to going to bed, I check my sound settings, too!I think this even happends to my OG Pixel!

Hope September upday will fix it!!! Still annoying me!

I don't think it's your phone's difficulty. Did you call a priest yet?

To be honest, I have actually never before competent that in my life. *Touch wood*


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