Android phone vibrates for no reason

Starting now my phone has actually been vibrating for no factor. And no it is not choose one brief vibration or anything that would probably be a notification, it is an extremely distinctive pattern. It will certainly be a lengthy vibration followed by two shorter ones and also this cycle will repeat itself twice then sheight. Does anyone have actually any kind of concept what this is, I deserve to not uncover anything about this problem anywhere.

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No principle, yet I remember google maps making use of this to tell you to rotate left or appropriate. Did you try to reboot ?

My G4 has actually done that prior to as well. It's crazy, no notice, nopoint. I rebooted and it taken place one various other time, an additional reboot... and now it's fine and has been for months.

Same thing occurred to me just left my phone alone for a little while and it did it an additional time then quit. What a weird phone

My G3 does it eexceptionally now and then. I think if it overheats to a particular point, it vibprices. And it'll vibprice while on the charger if it gets to warm also. Mostly to say charging had stopped because of extreme warmth.

So it could be warm connected, if you alert it's warmer than normal after it randomly goes off.

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Or it turned off then on aget in your pocket. That's a pretty much straightforward signal it may maybe bootloop later on.

I have actually a place based automation that silences my phone when I'm at the movie theatre. It vibprices when it does this.

Unfortunately the movie theatre is positioned such that I drive by it on my way to absolutely eincredibly area. Work, shopping, and so on So it vibprices all the time. No alert or anything.

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To me it happened few times till I found its coming from viber contact I have formerly hid and forgot about it, examine viber or some other application that might be bring about it

Not certain if this is it yet in the "Accessibility" settings I discovered that my phone was set to keep ringing/vibrating when particular apps had actually unviewed notifications. Whenever feasible I block most apps from showing notifications yet I understand that someexactly how some apps (choose Amazon) save turning their notifications earlier on. In some cases also also with notifications to an application turned off the apps can "permit peeking" whatever before the f*** that is. (Should be on or off, not this in between BS)....anyway this might be leading to your issues. Check Settings>General>Accessibility and also disable Persistent alert and check out if that helps. Good luck.