Android nfs server

Hello everyone. I've put up a nfs server on my old lappeak (which I'm likewise utilizing as pi-hole) utilizing indevelopment from this attach. Configured the ip addresses and also alternatives according to my requirements and also began the organization however I can't affix to it. I'm trying to usage VLC for Android to attach, yet it can't view the share. Any suggestions on why it would certainly be choose this?

My config in /etc/exports file:


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1 year ago
User permissions. Probably.

That or firewall.

I would certainly have provided allsquash to make certain ACLS and also stuff were not the issue

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Did chmod 777 and chown nobody:noteam, opened ports 2049 and 111, also tried turning of firewall entirely to troubleshoot if that was the concern. I can ssh the server, or attach to pi hole interface, so it is reachable, just can't attach to the nfs share

How have the right to I carry out the last part, never before heard of it, can you please define