Android music skipping fix

There are many reasons regarding why Android Auto audio such as music of podcasts might stutter or lag in your vehicle. I went months having actually this issue. I tried dozens of suggestions I found virtual to no avail. Ultimately I determined the problem was a dispute between Android Auto and the Bluetooth connection with my automobile. The complete deal with is listed below along with a few various other suggestions I uncovered around the web. I’m not going to cite the “rotate Bluetooth off and then earlier on” or “deleting and also pairing Bluetooth gadgets again” suggestions as I’m assuming you’ve currently tried basic troubleshooting.

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In my situation the music stuttering worry would certainly current itself as soon as I connected my device. Spotify, YouTube Music, and other streaming apps would begin playing yet 10-20 secs later on the audio would certainly stutter every 10-15 secs. I could make the issue go amethod by unlocking my tool. Sometimes I’d need to lock and unlock my phone multiple times for the problem to go amethod. The solution wasn’t obvious…

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Disable ‘Media audio’ in Bluetooth settings

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After more than a year of music stuttering concerns, disabling the ‘Media audio’ alternative from my 2019 Mazda 3’s Bluetooth gadget settings finally reresolved the problem. This didn’t make immediate sense to me as I believed music provided the Bluetooth link. As it turns out, the USB cable is actually offered to play audio. The precise procedures will certainly differ by device yet if you’re running stock Android 10, go into Bluetooth settings on your phone and also disable the ‘Media audio’ alternative for your car’s Bluetooth gadget. I’ve also review some world have actually had the same success disabling ‘Contact sharing’.


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Try one more USB cable

Some USB cables cannot supply the power essential for Android Auto to run effectively. It appears Google might have some logic which ssuggest stops Android from running over a low high quality cable. Sometimes it will run, but the interchallenge will freeze and also music streaming will certainly stutter or lag. This can also cause music to stutter while making use of navigation apps such as Google Maps or Waze. Usually the cable that came with your device need to job-related simply fine. Sometimes cables will job-related just fine however then all of a sudden sheight working. I’ve had multiple cables speak functioning through my Pixel XL 2 yet work-related just fine through other gadgets. If you need a brand-new cable, Amazon customer reviews are an excellent place to check whether a cable is enough.

Disable Battery Optimization for Bluetooth and also Android Auto apps

I didn’t have actually any luck with this one but numerous Samsung and OnePlus users have actually reported disabling Battery Optimization for the Bluetooth and also Android Auto apps readdressed the issue. The actions to execute this differ by gadget however you should solve the problem under App settings.

Don’t automatically sign up with totally free WiFi networks

This one isn’t as evident but I actually ran into a similar worry once. If you live in a city through free WiFi, your phone could be connecting to it while you’re driving and also bring about weak signal. Try disabling WiFi prior to connecting to your vehicle.

Clear your speak to log

If you have actually hundreds of calls in your call log, attempt clearing it. It can be leading to Android Auto to stutter or lag.

Clear app cache

Clearing the app cache for your music or podcast application and also the Bluetooth application might solve the concern. A few years earlier I’d have to clear the Spotify app cache eextremely few months otherwise my Bluetooth Audio Streaming would certainly stutter. I’ve because upgraded to Android Auto so I’m not sure if this issue still persists.

When all else falls short, factory reset

I hate this choice. If you perform a manufacturing facility recollection, don’t restore any kind of device backups till you’ve tested your tool in your automobile. The concern might be caused by a poor app on your device or corrupt application information.