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Boot Linux OS completely from a SD card, without modifying the existing eMMC content, on Inpressure platforms based upon Snapdragon™ 410E

Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processors administer outside memory interencounters either via Secure Digital Controller lines or through UFS lines. Snapdragon based platcreates are commonly qualified of running either Android or Linux based software program and also OEMs/Product creators would certainly desire to switch between these software application flavors seamlessly in their advancement phase. It is for this reason preferable to devise mechanisms to create a totally bootable picture from an outside memory resource such an SD card that could be plugged-out from one device and also plugged-in to one more system! The procedure to create a bootable SD card of Debian Linux software application is defined listed below for Inpressure 6309™ platcreate based upon Qualcomm Snapdragon 410E processor.

Boot-able SD card

It is possible to boot the whole OS from the SD card, without editing the existing eMMC content, assuming you are making use of a Linux based mechanism. The instructions listed below are to be supplied on Inpressure 6309 SBC Debian Linux BSP Release variation 2.0 accessible on Inforce Techweb, yet would certainly occupational via minor changes on future releases of Debian Linux from Inforce.

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To boot from the SD card, a patched variation of the bootloader (LK) will certainly need to be recompiled. You will then must produce an SD card via a perfect GUID Partition Table and correct bootloaders.

Recompile the patched bootloader

# obtain compiler git clone --depth 1 git:// -b LA.BR.1.1.3.c4-01000-8x16.0 lk_gcc # get LK source code git clone --depth 1 -b release/LA.BR.1.1.2-02210-8x16.0+sdboot lk_sdboot # construct bootloader cd lk_sdboot make msm8916 EMMC_BOOT=1 TOOLCHAIN_PREFIX="`pwd`/../lk_gcc/bin/arm-eabi-"

Downpack the proprietary bootloader

The proprietary bootloaders are obtainable from Qualcomm at this location: Find the the majority of current "Linux Board Support package" and downpack it. For example:, and extract the ZIP file on your COMPUTER. The files gain extracted to a folder named ‘linux-board-support-package-v1.3/’. Copy the papers boot-ifc6309_v2.0.img and linaro-jessie-alip-qcom-snapdragon-arm64-20160511-85_2.img from Inpressure 6309’s Debian Linux Release Version2.0 to the location linux-board-support-package-v1.3/bootloaders-linux/ and also rename them to boot.img and also rootfs.img respectively. “abootimg” is a tool to read/write/update Android boot partitions, and also is accessible in a lot of typical Linux distributions. If your Ubuntu organize machine doesn’t have it, install making use of the command:

$sudo apt-gain install abootimg

Run the command also shown below to readjust the boot picture through the certain configuration option:

abootimg -u boot.img -c "cmdline=root=/dev/mmcblk1p10 rwrootwait console=ttyMSM0,115200n8"

Create the SD card

To boot on the APQ8016, the boot media is compelled to have a very specific GUID Partition Table. The tool listed below will take care of that. You deserve to inspect the tool to understand the low level details if compelled. The SD card will be produced with a default partition system that has all the required boot partitions, and 2 partitions for the kernel and the rootfs, referred to as "boot" and also "rootfs". Once the SD card is created, you can load any kind of valid boot photo and also root fs picture right into these partitions.

To produce the bootable SD card:

git clone cd db-boot-devices sucarry out ./ -o /dev/ -p dragonboard410c/linux/partition.txt -i ../lk_sdboot/build-msm8916/ -i ../linux-board-support-package-v1.3/bootloaders-linux/ -s $((4*1024*1024))


/dev/ represents your SD card, plugged to your PC. The SD card will be totally erased throughout this procedure.Be very careful around the SD card tool name, or you could seriously damage your PCUse $((4*1024*1024)) for 4Gb root partition and for 8Gb root partition usage $((8*1024*1024))

When the command above finishes executing, your SD card shall have actually the best GUID Partition Table.

On the Inpressure 6309 platform, revolve ON the Boot configuration switch SW4 (situated on the bottom side) to “0-1-1-1-1-1” interpretation that positions 2-6 are turned ON. Plug-in the SD card and also power up the board. The boot process would certainly finish and the Linux login screen shall come up.

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You might currently plug-in and plug-out this SD card on multiple Inpressure 6309 platdevelops to run Debian Linux based software though the onboard eMMC has actually Android software application pre-loaded on it.