Android bluetooth keeps turning off

Is the Bluetooth on your Android phone automatically turning on or off by itself? Many Android phone customers comordinary about this worry and they are not sure why? In this write-up, we’ll define why Bluetooth on Android keeps turning on or off by itself and also just how to resolve the problem.

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Why is Bluetooth Automatically Turning On in Android?

Tbelow are number of factors for this. However before, the most probable reasons for Bluetooth to rotate on instantly on an android tool are led to as a result of the adhering to reasons:

Bluetooth scanning to boost area accuracy Permission offered to apps to adjust mechanism settings

How to Speak Bluetooth from Turning on Automatically on Android

Because tright here are different manufacturers of Android phones, the technique to revolve off Bluetooth will certainly differ from one android gadget to another. Also, various versions of Android will certainly have various means to manage Bluetooth settings. However before, all android gadgets provide an choice for you to revolve Bluetooth on or off in the Settings application.

To speak Bluetooth from turning on automatically on android, you have to change the adhering to settings.

1. Disable Bluetooth Scanning: Go to Setups -> Location -> Improve Accuracy -> Disable Bluetooth Scanning


2. Dispermit App Permission: Go to Settings -> Apps –> Choose the application for which permission is to be denied -> Modern -> Apps that deserve to readjust device settings -> Toggle Allow permission to off.


3. Repeat Step 2 for other apps that were provided permission to change device settings.

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Doing this will permanently rotate off Bluetooth on your Android phone and it won’t instantly rotate earlier on without your knowledge.

How to Sheight Bluetooth from Turning off Automatically on Android

Why is Bluetooth Automatically Turning Off in Android?

Android has a built-in feature which will instantly turn off WiFi, Bluetooth and also GPS as soon as the battery gets exceptionally low and your phone goes into power saving mode. When you recharge the battery, they will certainly not rotate earlier on unless you perform it manually.

To manually revolve back on Bluetooth on in Android, follow these steps.

1. Go to Setups -> Connections -> Bluetooth -> Turn on Bluetooth


2. Or, Swipe dvery own the notification panel from the peak and also find the Bluetooth icon and also tap on it. The Bluetooth is on if the symbol is blue.

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3. You deserve to also disable Bluetooth Scanning to stop Bluetooth from gaining turned on or off intermittently. To perform so, go to Settings -> Location -> Improve Accuracy -> Disable Bluetooth Scanning.