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And They Dance Real Slow in Jackson

About the Play:

Winner of the AmericanCollege Festival Award

And They Dance Real Slow in Jackson is a full-length dramaby Jim Leonard, Jr. Apowerful, haunting memory play supplying a vivid and deeply affectingaccount of the agonies inflicted on a young crippled girl prospering upin a small – and small-minded – Indiana tvery own. Especiallyrecommfinished for institution and dispute usage.

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And They Dance Real Slowin Jackson is aboutthe search for expertise and also compassion in a civilization whereprejudice and cruelty often prevail. Elizabeth Ann Willowstays via her father and also mommy in Jackboy, a little tvery own in ruralIndiana. Crippled at birth via polio, Elizabeth Ann is confined to awheelchair and have to wear leg braces, which cuts her off from theother children and also avoids her consistent attendance at school.Although she tries to reach out and make friends, Elizabeth Ann isincreasingly isolated from and also then taunted by the others, whosesmall-tvery own prejudices are reinrequired by a polio streatment, of whichElizabeth Ann is a chilling embodiment. Comprised of a brilliantlyconceived mosaic of interlocking scenes which move ago and also forth intime, through four performers showing a differed assortment of childrenand townsworld, the play captures not only the moving story ofElizabeth Ann"s inexorable descent right into madness, but likewise thesmall-mindedness and also unfeeling callousness of her fellow townspeople– whose are afraid of the unwell-known or abnormal makes them theunintentional agents of her destruction. Culminating in a chillingscene in which Elizabeth Ann"s leg braces are torn from her by afrenzied mob, the play becomes in the final significance a moving andpoetically evocative plea for knowledge and compassion in a worldwright here prejudice and also casual cruelty are too regularly the norm.

And They Dance Real Slow in Jackson was first occurred andperformed by the Hanover College Theatre Group. The play was chosenas a finalist for the Amerihave the right to College Theatre Festival and opened up atthe Kennedy Center for the Percreating Arts in 1979. It received itsfirst skilled production in 1983 by the New Playwrights’Theatre in Washington, DC. It was consequently perdeveloped by theCircle Repertory Company kind of in 1984, and opened up Off-Broadmeans in 1985 atthe Hudkid Guild Theatre. The playtook pleasure in widespread acceptance among leading local theatres, andhas come to be a popularoption for institution and neighborhood theatre productions.

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Cast: 4 women, 3 men

What human being say:

"…taut and also startlingstagecraft…." — Washington Post

"…a showsituation for exceptionalacting, clever before and efficient staging, and also forceful dialogue."— Washington Tribune

"Leonard has an exceptionalear for dialogue, both prosaic and also poetic." — WashingtonTimes

About the Playwright:

Jim Leonard isan Amerihave the right to playwright, tv writer and also producer. Hebegan his career in theatre: Heattended Hanover College inIndiana wright here he composed his first two plays And They DanceReal Slow in Jackson and TheDiviners (whichhas come to be a go-to scriptfor neighborhood theatre companies).After graduation, heco-founded the still-growing Bloomington Playwcivil liberties Project. Hespent 20 yearsat New York"s prestigiousCircle Repertory Company type of (wherehe premiered virtually every one of his plays)till he began hissuccessful careerin film and also tv.He now splits his timebetween Indiana and also LosAngeles.