An incorrect volume label was entered for this drive

i"m trying to format my device drive c using command prompt discovered in the repair area of windows bootable usb because the format feature from windows install still keeps some motorists and also some settings which i"m trying to getrid off.i have actually home windows 8.1 pro x64.

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right here are the steps that i follow in command prompt:

1. format c:

2. please specify volume label

3. vol c: xxxx-xxxx

4. repeat initially 2 steps

5. and at this suggest as soon as i create the volume label provided at step 3, command prompt claims that it"s incorrect.

i"m not in search of choices, i"m trying to find out why doesn"t this approach work-related.

please help and thank you in advance

ps: sorry for my poor english!

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Amit K Verma
Replied on November 3, 2014
In reply to PaulSoare's article on October 28, 2014

Hello Paul,

Thank you for the information. I apologizes for the delayed response.

I would indicate you to usage diskpart command and inspect if it helps.

To do so, follow the actions provided below:

1. Click on "Start", type "diskpart.exe" (without quotes) in the start search box and pressEnter or click "DiskPart.exe" in the search results.

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2. Command also Prompt Window will certainly be open up.

3. In Command Prompt Window, type "list volume" and also pressEnter.

4. The volumes or partitions on your device will show up via a volume number, drive letter, label, file system, form, size and status. If you have actually just one partition on your tough drive, the volume represents the entire tough disk.

5. Type "choose volume" followed by the volume number that you want to format.

For example, if the disk is "Volume 3" in the disk list, type "pick volume 3" and also push Get in.

DiskPart responds with "Volume # Is Now the Schosen Volume."

6. Type "format fs= quick" to perform a quick format via the preferred file device.

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For example, if you desire to format your volume in the NTFS format, form "format fs=ntfs quick" and press Get in.

Refer the link: