An presumption made about the worth of a populace parameter is referred to as aa. hypothesisb. conclusionc. confidenced. significance

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If the probcapability of making kind II error is not examined, then the conclusion in all hypothesis testing is to______the null hypothesis, or ______the null hypothesis.a. accept, execute not rejectb. execute not reject, accept c. execute not reject, rejectd. none of these options is correct.
What form of error occurs if you refuse H0 when it is actually true?a. Type Ib. Type IIc. either Type I or Type II, depending upon the level of significanced. either Type I or Type II, depending upon whether the test is one tail or 2 tail
A Type II error is committed whena. a false null hypothesis is not rejectedb. a true null hypothesis is wrongly rejectedc. the sample size has actually been also smalld. not enough information has actually been available
The level of significance is thea. maximum allowable probability of making Type II errorb. maximum allowable probcapability of making Type I errorc. same as the confidence coefficientd. exact same as the p-value
For a lower tail test, the p-value is the probability of obtaining a worth of the test statistica. at least as little as that gave by the sampleb. at leastern as large as that gave by the samplec. at leastern as little as that provided by the populationd. at least as huge as that offered by the populace.
When the p-worth is offered for hypothesis testing, the null hypothesis is rejected ifa. p-value αb. α c. p-value αd. p-value = α


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