According to the Aluminum Association, “practically 75 percent of all aluminum ever before developed is still in usage now.” This is not only a testament to aluminum’s recyclcapability yet also its capability to withstand also corrosion. Aluminum holds its value down the supply chain. As the Aluminum Association goes on to say, “Aluminum is 100% recyclable and retains its properties indefinitely.” What is it about aluminum that renders it so corrosion-resistant? In this blog short article, we’ll answer why.

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What is Corrosion?

Corrosion occurs normally as nature attempts to rerevolve metals to their original, steady, oxidized state. The degree and also severity of corrosion that happens over time is a role of both the product and its operating environment. Corrosion is degeneration resulted in by environmental facets. Aluminum corrosion deserve to occur gradually over weeks, months, or also years. With enough time, aluminum assets have the right to build large holes because of corrosion.

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How Corrosion-Resistant is Aluminum?

Generally speaking, aluminum and also its alloys have actually great resistance to corrosion. Aluminum in its organic state, commercially pure or 1xxx aluminum, has actually the finest corrosion-resistance, however that top quality is endangered as alloys, especially copper and also iron yet also magnesium or zinc, are added. The alloying aspects offered to achieve desirable properties of many commercial aluminum alloy groups are listed listed below.

These elements, added in tiny percentperiods, are included to provide the metal preferred properties of stamina, ductility, weldcapacity, machinability, corrosion resistance, and also others. Due to the fact that of some degree of predictcapacity in the changes of properties between the different alloy groups, they’re frequently provided in various markets. For the objective of this blog article, we’ll greatly comment on corrosion resistance, however once deciding on an alloy, no properties have to be considered in isolation.

What is the Relationship Between Aluminum Oxidation & Corrosion Resistance?

Paradoxically, aluminum oxidation is a central component of its corrosion resistance. Aluminum has actually a really high affinity to oxygen. When a brand-new aluminum surface is exposed in the visibility of air or any kind of various other oxidizing agent, it conveniently creates a thin, difficult film of aluminum oxide (or hydrated oxide in non-stagnant water). This aluminum oxidation is specifically what renders aluminum so corrosion-resistant.

This film is reasonably inert chemically. The corrosion resistance of aluminum counts on the inactivity of this surchallenge film of aluminum or hydrated oxide. It’s when this surface film dissolves that corrosion occurs; when the film suffers localized damages and also self-healing cannot occur, localized corrosion adheres to.

This surconfront film is mostly stable in a pH variety of about 4.5 to 8. The film can continue to be steady in other situations relying on the atmosphere, for instance, nitric acid at pH 0, glacial acetic acid at pH3, or ammonium hydroxide at pH 13. The oxide film deserve to be liquified in a lot of solid acids and bases, in which case the corrosion of the aluminum will certainly be rapid.

Similar to all prevalent architectural and also structural, aluminum will certainly corrode under particular problems. This is even more likely to take place when the wrong alloy is liked for tasks or applications. To obtain excellent outcomes with aluminum, it is essential to understand the following:

the conditions under which corrosion will occurthe develop that the corrosion will certainly takethe rate of corrosionany type of preventative steps that can be taken

Does Aluminum Rust?

Rusting is a form of corrosion that’s particular to iron and steel (because it has iron). In reality, rust is the common name for iron oxide, when iron or steel bonds through oxygen and undergoes oxidation. Therefore, aluminum can’t rust.

Which Alloys Have the Best Corrosion Resistance?


Alloy 1100: Aluminum grade 1100 is commercially pure aluminum. It has excellent corrosion resistance and is common in the chemical and also food processing sectors. Otherwise, it is a soft and ductile metal through great workcapability. You’ll find alloy 1100 commonly in applications that require developing. It can be welded through any type of strategy, yet it is non-heat-treatable.


Alloy 3003: Alloy 3003 is the the majority of prevalent of the aluminum alloys. It is pure, commercial-grade aluminum with a 20% boost in toughness many thanks to the enhancement of Manganese and Copper. It also has actually wonderful corrosion resistance, workcapability, and also have the right to be welded or brazed, attracted or spun.


Alloy 5052: 5052 is additionally a really well-known alloy bereason it has actually the highest possible toughness of any type of of the non-heat-treatable qualities. It is especially widespread in marine and saltwater environments bereason of its resistance to corrosion. It has excellent workability and is easily attracted or formed into complicated shapes.


Alloy 6061: 6061 is the most functional of the heat-treatable alloys, including corrosion resistance, workability once annealed, and also weldcapacity. You’ll discover alloy 6061 in products and applications that need a trifecta of excellent appearance, much better corrosion resistance, and also good stamina.

Alloy 6063: 6063 is commonly recognized as an architectural alloy bereason of its high tensile, good finishing, and also high corrosion-resistant properties. You’ll discover 6063 in internal and also exterior architectural settings and also trims. It is frequently anodized.

The Aerospace Industry (2xxx & 7xxx)

In the aerospace sector, there’s a need for both high stamina and high corrosion resistance. For this factor, the aeroroom sector is mainly confined to the 2xxx and 7xxx series of aluminum. We gain roughly the lessened corrosion resistance of alloyed aluminum in these series with alclad liners that are pure aluminum and also alloyed to the stronger aluminum alloy underneath. The pure aluminum offers the aircraft the corrosion resistance that’s essential without compromising the toughness of the structural aluminum.

Alloy 2011: Alloy 2011, otherwise recognized as Free Machining Alloy (FMA), is recognized for its high mechanical toughness and also terrific machining, which is why you see it in complicated and also detailed components. If this alloy is machined under high-speed, it will certainly develop fine chips, however they’re quickly rerelocated.

Alloy 2014: Alloy 2014 is copper-based via exceptionally high toughness and wonderful machining. You’ll discover it in many structural aeroarea applications bereason of its high corrosion resistance.

Alloy 2024: Alloy 2024 is very typically used bereason of its combination of high stamina and also wonderful fatigue resistance. You’ll find it wherever before commodities call for an excellent ratio of toughness to weight. But, it’s corrosion resistance is sensibly low, so you’ll frequently view it via either an anodized surface (view below) or through Alclad.

Alloy 7075: Of all of the aluminum alloys, 7075 is just one of the highest stamina alloys. Like 2024, it has actually a fantastic ratio of stamina to weight and also is supplied in parts that will certainly undergo high stress and anxiety. 7075 deserve to be created once annealed and also then heat-treated if needed.

How Quickly Does Aluminum Oxidation Happen?

Aluminum oxidation happens quicker than steel oxidation because aluminum has a solid affinity for oxygen. When all the aluminum atoms have bonded through oxygen, the oxidation process stops.

What Does Aluminum Corrosion Look Like?

Rather than molting via prefer rust, aluminum oxide simply develops a hard, whitish-colored surface skin.


How Do You Sheight Aluminum Corrosion?

Because aluminum so readily bonds with oxygen, there’s little bit that can be done about aluminum oxidation. Aluminum corrosion, however, can be a serious trouble. To prevent aluminum corrosion, you need to consider:

Consider alclad liners prevalent in the aeroarea industryApplying a protective coatingMinimizing the impact of galvanic corrosion. Galvanic corrosion is led to by putting two disequivalent metals, prefer aluminum and also steel, next to each various other.

Protective Coatings

Usually, tbelow are three forms of protective coatings correct for aluminum:

PaintPowder coatAnodizing

If you’re worried about the danger of galvanic corrosion, we recommfinish in search of paint or powder coatings with high electrical resistance.

Anodizing is a type of surconfront oxidation that’s sought after because it produces attrenergetic finishes, yet it’s not correct for bigger fabrications. Many type of boaters use a sacrificial anode made of zinc. It corrodes much faster than aluminum, essentially sacrificing itself, and also will certainly must be replaced periodically.

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If taking the coating method, don’t foracquire that any type of damage will require prompt attention. Leave some aluminum exposed and you danger corrosion acquiring a toeorganize.

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