Welinvolved my All I Want For Christmas Is You chords chart by Mariah Carey. This is such a fun Christmas song. It’s not my all time favorite, however definitely in my height 10. You can’t assist however dance roughly as soon as you hear this one. Well, at least I can’t . This one comes in at the intermediate level due he use of a couple of barre chords (Cm).

Lauren, is tbelow a way to make that Cm easier? Sure. I’ll provide you a couple alternatives. Aren’t I so nice? :)



All I Want For Christmas Is You Chords Chart

By Mariah Carey

Single strum each chord:G Em I do not desire a lot for Christmas,there is simply on point I require,C Cm I do not treatment about the presents,underneath the ChristmasTree.

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G B7 EmCmI just desire you for my very own, more than you can ever know,G E AmDmakemy wish cometru......e, all I want for Christmas is Start strumming:G EmCDy.....ou, ooh, baby !

G G G G I do not want a lot forChristmas,tright here is simply one thing I require,C CCm CmandI do not treatment about the presents underneath the Christmas Tree.G G G GI don"t should hang my stocking tright here upon the firelocation,CCCm CmSanta Claus won"t make me happy through a toy on Christmas Day.G|GB7|Em|EmCm|I simply want you for my own even more than you might ever knowGEAmDmakemy wish come true, all I want for Christmas isG EmCDy.....ou, ooh, baby !

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G G G GI won"t ask for much this Christmas, I won"t even wish for snow, C CCm CmandI, I"m justgonnakeep on waiting underneath the mistletoe.G G G GI won"t make a list and sfinish it to the North Pole for Saint Nick,CC Cm CmI won"t even stay awake to hear those magic reindeer click, G |GB7| Em|EmCm|"reason I simply desire you right here tonight, holding on to me so tight.GEAmDWhat even more deserve to Ido ?Oh, baby, all I desire for Christmas isG EmCDy.....ou, ooh, baby !

Bridge:B7 B7Em Em All the lights are shining so brightly all over,B7B7Em Emandthe sound of children"s laughter fills the air.CmCm G EAnd everyone is singing,I hear those sleigh bells ringing.Am Am Santa won"t you, please, bring me what I reallyrequire !D DWon"t you, please, bring my baby tome !G G G GOh, I do not desire a lot for Christmas this is all I"m asking for,CCCm CmI just desire to check out my baby standing ideal outside my door.G |GB7| Em |Em Cm|I simply want you for my own, even more than you could ever knowGEAmD D7makemy wish come true, baby, all I desire forChristma.......s isGEm CDyou, baby !GEmAmDAllI desire for Christmas is you, baby ! (4x)



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