Meghan Trainor"s body-positivity anthem "All About That Bass" is No. 1 on Billboard for the third week in a row. Everybody in the nation, it seems, is completely on board through the song"s message and its fun, recurring hook. Everybody, that is, except for listeners of adult modern or household radio stations.

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As Billboard revealed, these stations, in reality, have actually so neutered the song"s lyrics that they"ve entirely damaged its empowering message. The safe variation of "All About That Bass" sends an easy message to kids: Even if it isn"t OK to talk around your body if you"re slightly larger, you"re still beautiful on the inside.

There will certainly be absolutely no shaking of anything for anyone listening on Radio Disney. What"s worse, though, is Radio Disney"s option to edit all the body positivity parts out of the relatively clean song, rendering it practically unrecognizable in tone and, frankly, means dumber.

Trainor"s lines celebrating her voluptuous curves — "I acquired that boom-boom that all the boys chase / And all the ideal junk, in all the right places" — have actually been smoothed out to this insecure nonsense: "I gained them smooth moves, they say I look great. Yeah, I"ll be the star on all them big steras."

The subversive beauty traditional protest "Yeah, it"s pretty clear, I ain"t no size two / But I can shake it, shake it, like I"m intended to carry out," is currently the baseless and also confusing "But Imma make it, make it, prefer I"m meant to execute."

Even the song"s most pointed — and truthful — insight, "Yeah, my mama, she told me, "Don"t problem around your size" / She states, "Boys choose a little even more booty to hold at night."" Now comes off as the demeaning: "She says, "Boys favor the girls for the beauty they hold inside."" Since it isn"t all around that bass — actually you can be ugly, however your beauty is just on the inside in that situation.

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This is not the first song that has actually suffered the Radio Disney sanitizing therapy, but their standards are slightly suspect. Radio Disney neglected to reduced any of the lines that explicitly recommendation Becky G"s body in "Can’t Get Enough" — "The music taking me greater / Moving my body" and also "Fired up too hot to touch ow" made it through the cleansing — the channel likewise left alone all the intense lines from Ella Henderson"s "Ghost": "I let you under my skin / "Causage I love living in the sin." Trainor"s body talk is tame compared to these mentions.

It"s a difficulty not so a lot bereason it"s poor, yet because a powerful song has been censored of its socially aware definition. "All About That Bass" hitting No. 1 is a moment we can all be proud of. But it becomes meaningless once you replace the body-mindful message via one about inner beauty. Trainor knows she"s beautiful on the inside: You have the right to hear it in the confidence, spunk and mindset with which she delivers every line. It"s really nothing much less than an insult to tell a Trainor fan "Don"t concern, you"re beautiful on the inside!"

The song is intended to try and assist girls feel comfortable sharing that inner beauty through a people that discriminates versus bodies that aren"t Ariana Grande-slim. Radio Disney"s modify is simply one more reminder that that"s somepoint we all hear as well ingenerally.