Alienware beep codes

for the last 6 month on rebegin it provides me a 8 beeps once trying to start. if i hit f2 i deserve to get into bios and also hit f10 and it starts up commonly. now it does not do this eextremely time but more than likely 50% of the time .. I have actually check out on the develop to disable non-turbo flex assistance and also have done so yet still exact same problem.. anyone understand which component will do this I understand this a older alien ware for some however to me still plays my games OK simply annoying for startup and im afraid i could lose all info on the laptop(starting to earlier it up currently )



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Those beeps are generally described as "BIOS beep codes". They"re provided by the BIOS to denote some sort of error and the factor they"re so primitive (i.e. simple beeps from the piezoelectric speaker) is bereason a BIOS worry may expect it"s unable to display anything on display screen, so it uses one of the simplest subdevices it hregarding express the warning.

A lot of BIOS beep codes are universal however various BIOS makers carry out have certain variations. Also, the length and also consistency of the beeps might have actually particular interpretations. So 2 questions:

1. Who makes your BIOS (prevalent examples encompass AMI, Award and of course Dell themselves - if you can enter the BIOS, you should have the ability to discover out easily)?2. Are the beeps consistent? For instance, is it 8 beeps of the very same size one after the other? Is it 4 quick beeps adhered to by 4 lengthy beeps? 2 quick 2 long 2 quick 2 long? And so on - tright here are rather the majority of feasible variations and they each have actually a distinctive meaning, so 8 beeps of the very same size will certainly have a different interpretation to 8 beeps consisting of 4 quick beeps then 4 slow beeps (for example).

If you can answer those two questions for me I can tell you precisely what the BIOS is trying to say. It may not result in an immediate fix yet at leastern you"ll know what it"s complaining around and also that must definitely suggest you in the appropriate direction.